Shopkeeper  n. (shpkpr) [1]

  1. A shopkeeper is an individual who owns a shop.


These characters are owners or employees of Shops. They provide a service to Gaians by providing items in exchange for Gaia Gold. The shopkeepers are viewed as the primary characters of Gaia Online. Many of them have made appearances in manga, mini-comics and site events.

See also: Category:Shopkeeper NPC



The first shopkeeper during the days of Go-Gaia was Ian and his friend Rufus the Cat, both of whom are still active characters. They own the shop Barton Boutique.


Each shopkeeper greets a Gaian entering their shop by a popup text bubble, this bubble contains their name in bold and quote. Customers are able to further talk to the keeper by pressing the 'Talk to __' button located below the image of the keeper.


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