The Sherlock Holmes Day was Gaia Online's mini event.February 21, 2013


A mini scavenger hunt to unlock a grant link to an item.

Event timelineEdit

  • February 21
reapersun makes an announcement in the Staff Notice thread.



  • Icon staff Staff Notices Hey Gaians! Happy 2/21/13!! - reapersun Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:59 am
Hey Gaians! Happy 2/21/13!!

If you're thinking, "What the heck? Why are you wishing me a happy random Thursday?" you'd be right to be confused!! We're just celebrating because today's date looks like 221B, the flat number of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes! If you know me, you'll know I'm a somewhat casual fan

Brits already celebrated this day in January (22/1/13), but because Gaia's located in the US and Americans just have to be special, our date format is different from the entire rest of the world. SO WE'RE DOING IT TODAY I GUESS. We added some new deducin' hats to H.R. Wesley to celebrate. Pop one on and you might notice something...

You might find this useful:

  • Icon staff Staff Notices HINTS FOR 221B - reapersun Thu Feb 21, 2013 2:28 pm

-There are 22 letters and 16 sets of numbers. Make sure you are using the right set because I noticed some people are working with incorrect sets.

-Yes, there are 16 characters in the grant link.

-You've solved this kind of puzzle before. It just has extra steps.

-Solve the letters, then the numbers, then the letters.


Sherlockholmesday 221b hint

omg c'mon u can do it

  • Icon threadThread Let's Get Sleuthing! 221B~ *SOLVED* Thank you everyone! <3 - reapersun Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:27 pm
oh man are you guys okay

i'll post a hint when i get to work if you guys are still struggling with it

keep in mind a puzzle can only be as crafty as the puzzlemaker (meaning it's pretending to be a lot more clever than it really is)

Event conclusionEdit


Criticism & ComplimentsEdit


Event ItemsEdit

Gaians were able to sleuth to find various items with altered descriptions that would lead hint as to how to solving the grant link.

How to playEdit

Event guide - 221B Clues
  • Bedsheet - Lazy's the new sexy. (104:45)
  • Bee Pie - Traditionally used by the mafia to take out guys named Tubby, bee pies are becoming Weirdly hip these days. (27:176)
  • Caution Mood Bubble Accessory - Caution, some moods should be kept under wraps!
  • Chestnut Floppy Deerstalker - It's an ear hat!!
  • Dapper Gent's Rosewood Cane - Strut your stuff you fine gent, you. (63:2503)
  • Detective's Magnifier - Discover the smallest, most subtle secrets with this fascinating tool. (28:85)
  • Detective Zoom - I tend to zoom in on the details. (114:9)
  • Home MD - To make a difficult diagnosis all you need is a rugged motorcycle jacket, an impressive cane and a wicked attitude. (20:255)
  • Human Skull - Friend of mine. Well, I say friend. (7:405)
  • Jumper Collection - Whatever shakes your boat.(41:4)
  • Modus Operandi - Once upon a crime...
  • Murder Mood Bubble - A dangerous mood to be in. (14:199)
  • Napoleon of Crime - "A criminal strain ran in his blood, which, instead of being modified, was increased and rendered infinitely more dangerous by his extraordinary mental powers. He is the Napoleon of Crime, the organiser of half that is evil and nearly all that is undetected in this great city..."
  • Nice Suit For Work - You know why he wears that suit? He's not paid or anything. (76:33)
  • Regular Pipe - This is actually an empty Bubble Pipe, but come on...look at it. It totally looks like a regular old pipe. Maybe the manufacturer should have produced them in shocking pink or something. (68:88 )
  • Rose Floppy Deerstalker - It's an ear hat!!
  • Sapphire Deerstalker Hat - The headgear of choice for persons who have been slapped with a restraining order by a deer. (34:75)
  • SDPlus #259 Johnny Holmes - Hey I'm back… ... no not really. (50:4)
  • Slate Floppy Deerstalker - It's an ear hat!! (1:1)
  • The Case of Pietro - Round and round and round it goes... (94:2)
  • Union Jack Mood Bubble - ... also called the Union Flag.
  • Violin Mood Bubble - All the best guys play the violin these days. (89:23)

The letters
  • E (104:45)
  • W (27:176)
  • T
  • R
  • G (63:2503)
  • O (28:85)
  • O (114:9)
  • T (20:255)
  • R (7:405)
  • O (41:4)
  • I
  • R (14:199)
  • H
  • I (76:33)
  • P (68:88 )
  • E
  • S (34:75)
  • N (50:4)
  • H (1:1)
  • I (94:2)
  • F
  • E (89:23)

List of confirmed letters for the second part of the puzzle are


Additional infoEdit


  • 'Iheartapiculture'. Apiculture is another name given to beekeeping. Sherlock is associated with bees in the fandom (for some reason I'm not sure about). It all makes sense now.[1]
  • reapersun replies to the sleuth thread are on pages: 24, 73, 76, 83, 89, 90 and 197.


  1. Let's Get Sleuthing! 221B~ *SOLVED* Thank you everyone! <3 - Genea; Infure. Page591 Fri Feb 22, 2013 4:31 am Retrieved on 2013 October 14

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Gaia Community Discussion forum

  • Icon threadThread Let's Get Sleuthing! 221B~ *SOLVED* Thank you everyone! <3 - Genea Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:06 am

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