Serum 3A  n. ([seer-uh m]) [1]

  1. the clear, pale-yellow liquid that separates from the clot in the coagulation of blood; blood serum.


Serum 3A is a product deemed a failure by G CORP, however, when injected into a corpse it becomes a life force of sorts, turning a corpse into a type of zombie called a Glompie. The zombie created by this serum is not hungry for brains and the fluid is not contagious. It was used during the 2008 Gaia Olympics, seen in manga 27 Dark Alliance. A vile of it was retrieved from the Bank of Gambino by Johnny K. Gambino, and even after a fearful warning from Edmund, he used Serum 3A on a cadaver stolen by Devil Imps to which Johnny assured them that it would be the solution to winning them the Olympics.


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