In Demonbusters, two cults are clashing in a violent struggle to decide the fate of the world. Before you start playing, you'll need to figure out which side you want to fight for.

S.I.N. is the name for a Group of Followers who chose to side with The Sentinel for the Halloween 2k9: Demonbusters event. S.I.N. is an acronym meaning: Sentinel's Infernal Nation.

After a long and grueling conflict, the Infernal Nation triumphed, leaving the Benevolent Order in disarray.


In an earlier time, two beings agreed to use their power to help the world.

They worked well together, and balanced out each other... until one day, they stumbled upon a small earthworm. They both wanted to give the worm certain traits based upon their personal preferences, yet they found themselves disagreeing and soon arguing.

In a clash with the demigod of B.O.O., the complimentary nature of their powers prevented either one from gaining the upper hand on the argument.

About S.I.N.Edit


  • Oct 16

The time has nearly come for the rise of the Infernal Nation. Soon, we will create a new world in the fiery image of our resurgent leader.

All will be revealed at a later date.


  • Oct 22

The time has nearly come for the rise of the Infernal Nation. Soon, we will create a new world in the fiery image of our resurgent leader.

Our society has lived in the shadows for a thousand years, biding our time for our day of glory. That time has come, and soon our Infernal Nation will rule Gaia according to the demonic ways of the Sentinel. Members must pledge their lives to the following pursuits:

- Bringing forth the darkness of the underworld to Gaia
- Ruling over the weak with might and mayhem
- Glorifying the Sentinel above all others
- Destroying all those who oppose the Sentinel

The Sentinel demands your allegiance. If you fail to join us, the consequences will be deadly.


  • The title of S.I.N.'s friendlist is "Believers".
  • The demigod of S.I.N. is stronger and prefers to act on situations.
  • The demigod of S.I.N. was imprisoned in a small box, and found no form of peace.
  • Due to S.I.N. winning the battle, its Followers were allowed to keep their Demigod's Gift; while Followers of B.O.O. lost theirs and got a consolation prize that resembled the skin of a potato called "Potatoverseer". It is unknown what the name for the skin would've been called if S.I.N. had lost.


Npc TheSentinel 2009
Her Infernal Majesty
Pm npc SIN
PM from S.I.N.
Pm npc BandS
Inbox with PM from B.O.O. and S.I.N.
Book1 of BandS
Book of B.O.O. and S.I.N.
H2k9 battlefield finalday noweps
Cult Headquarters; Sentinel's Infernal Nation HQ
H2k9 battlefield finalday
Notable Weaponry; Sentinel's Death Portal
H2k9 SentinelsGift
The Sentinel's Gift, the form given to S.I.N. Followers.
H2k9 Potatoverseer
The Potatoverseer, Consolation prize for B.O.O. Followers.
H2k9 sentinel items
Sentinel items
H2k9 requirements sins

NPC FollowersEdit

Npc agatha oct
Npc bildeau oct
Npc moira oct
Npc natasha oct
Npc nicolae oct
Npc ribateau oct
Npc rina oct
Npc sasha oct
Npc vanessa oct

Gaian reactionEdit

There were many speculations and leaks in the GCD, and both S.I.N. and B.O.O. gathered Gaians who requested their friendship. See B.O.O. & S.I.N. - Speculations Gone Wild!

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