Sellback  n. (sel-bak) [1]

  1. Is the act or an instance of selling something back that one had previously bought.


A user can sell an item back to a Gaia Shop for Gaia Gold. The sellback value is how much gold will be received after the sale is complete. The sellback value is half of the retail value (original price) the item was purchased for or is for. The action of a sellback is final and cannot be undone.

Items can be sold back in two ways; by using the Inventory and clicking on the item to reveal if the item can be sold, and confirming the sale; the other is using the Inventory Arranger, which has a sellback button visible at the top. When it comes to some game items, such as tickets or collected trash, they have a sellback that works by dividing the cost by the quantity.

Example presented

Brisk Day Coat
Shop price 10,380 Gold
Sellback price 5,190 Gold


  • Originally the selling back of items was conducted by going to a Gaia Shop and selling to the shopkeeper.
  • When an item has a lock it means the item is soulbound to the user and cannot be traded or given away.
  • The Gaia Online help center states that: 'Only items that can be purchased in shops can be sold back'. This however has changed with the arrival of various Chance Items which have their own sellback, these are usually found with items that had a higher drop ratio than rarer items.



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