Science Camp aka Camp Science, was a camp that was in the Summer 2k9: Camp Chaos event. For this 2009 Summer event there were no winners.


Science Camp offers an enlightening getaway for the young scientist. Campers enjoy daily experiments, a safe, intellectual environment, and unrestricted access to deadly chemicals.

Are you sure you want to join Science Camp? Once you pick a camp, you're there all summer.

Team Leader(s) Edit

For certain events, there is an NPC Rep.

  • Counselors for Science Camp - Edmund and Sam

Notable prizes & Related itemsEdit

  • Science Camp Lab Coat - The standard uniform at Science Camp, unless you don't mind iodine stains or chemical burns. Please don't touch the quicksilver!
  • Science Camp Beaker & Tongs - Whether making chemically enhanced candy or a deadly viral strain, you're sure to win 1st place at the science fair with this setup!
  • Science Camp Thick Eyeglasses - With these prescription glasses, you'll see things you've never seen before. (Weird!) Be sure not to stare directly into the science, you could be blinded!
  • Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash - This beautiful sash stands as a glowing record of your many summer camp accomplishments. Thankfully, it omits all of the shameful indignities you suffered.
  • Science Camp Tesla Coil - Your very own take-home electrical storm! Some assembly required. Not recommended for children under 8.


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