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School Survival Guide was a brief series of informative articles about making the most of your scholastic experience. It started Tuesday September 08, 2009, and ended Monday September 28th at midnight.


admin: AnnouncementsEdit

  • Sep 8: Score New Items & More with Gaia's School Survival Guide [1]

Getting perfect attendance in school is virtuous and everything, but getting perfect attendance on Gaia is way better. Just by showing up and checking out our School Survival Guide, you'll be able to earn some brand new items. As a delightful bonus, you'll also be entered to win one of mankind's most beloved boredom killers: the Nintendo Wii.

To top it off, we're rolling out a series of highly educational, factually infallible guides designed to help you navigate the scholastic battlefield without losing your cool.

It's as simple as showing up and clicking a button, so get to it already! You'll snag a new item on your first, fifth, and tenth days of attending.

Get Your First School Survival Guide Item
  • Sep 24: School Survival Guide: Ends 9/28! [2]

Hope you've been hitting up the roll call over at the School Survival Guide-- the more times you check in, the more cool items you'll rack up and the more times you'll be entered to win a Nintendo Wii!

You've only got a few more days to check in-- the School Survival Guide event ends on September 28th, so be sure to stop by every day!

Roll Call!

We've also posted all three of our incredibly uninformative guides-- if you're looking for some bad advice from Gaia's beloved NPCs, make sure to check them out:

Part 1: How to Get a Date

Part 2: Getting a Great Nickname

Part 3: Dealing with Humilation

The EventEdit

During this Event, Gaians would click a button titled "ROLL CALL" and be automatically entered to win a Nintendo Wii, and also some Event items.

While participating in this Event, Gaians were given a "forum title". These titles changed depending on how much the Gaian posted in the forums, Guild post however did not count toward a title change.

The Guides were posted a few days apart, and would contain a subject for survival. In each guide an NPC commented about their personal experiences in relation to the subject.

The GuidesEdit


The following NPCs that were in this Event (alphabetical order):

Forum TitlesEdit

  • Hooky team captain: [0 Posts]
  • Truant: [25 Posts]
  • Underachiever: [50 Posts]
  • C- Student: [150 Posts]
  • Honor roller: [500 Posts]
  • Teacher's Pet: [750 Posts]
  • Cum Laude: [1000 Posts]
  • Magna Cum Laude [1500 Posts]
  • Summa Cum Laude [3000 Posts]
  • SCHOOL LEGEND: [3000 Posts]

The Item(s)Edit

  • Dunce Cap - "D" is for dunce, dummy! :P
  • Textbook Tower - Textbook case of disaster waiting to happen.
  • Antique Globe - Antique in the sense that it's covered with a patina of at least three generations of geography students' grimy fingerprints.


Though the Event gave a chance for Gaians to win a Wii, the contest itself barred Gaians outside the U.S.A, so it was U.S. residents only. Admin made an annoucement to explain why this was done.

The items were well received, though Gaians felt that the last item, the globe, was a weak ending.

External linksEdit

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