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Top row: Gaia Garage Sale items, bottom row: Sugarplum, Santa Baby with Nutcracker Prince rapier

Santa Baby is a set of items released during the holiday items update of November 2007, at the same time as the Gaia Garage Sale.

Gambino Hat RackEdit


  • Santa Baby Cap: A slick, handsome interpretation of Santa's cap to top off the ensemble. (7,500 Gold)

H.R. WesleyEdit


  • Santa Baby Coat: A sleek coat with a sexy cut, for a more youthful Santa. I'd sit on this guy's lap and tell him what I'd like, if ya know what I mean >:D (12,000 Gold)


  • Santa Baby Leggings: Nearly sheer and skin tight... only real men can pull off these things. (4,080 Gold)


  • Santa Baby Boots: High leather boots, cut especially to frame some of a man's most important assets. (5,700 Gold)


  • Santa Baby Gloves: What he wears on his hands isn't nearly so impressive as what he does with them. (5,400 Gold)

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