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SD-Plus: Gaia Character Collection or SD+ for short, is a series of small dolls released from Chance Items at random.

See also: Category:SDPlus Item and SDPlus FAQ (unofficial)

Types of SDPlusEdit

  • SDPlus (NPC) - These dolls are based on Gaia Online's original characters. This can include NPC from shops, manga, and events etc. However, the most common are from themed Chance Items.
  • SDPlus Special - These dolls are based on Ivan the GRS Accountant. They are available from Super Prize Chance Items,- containers released at the end of the year.
  • SDPlus Real - These dolls are based on Gaia Staff, such as administrators, developers, and artists.
  • SDPlus Gaian - These dolls are based on Gaian members.
  • SDPlus Super Plus - These are dolls based on copyrighted material. They are released during a site sponsorship.


  • The Lanzer Doll, released in May 2009, was the first doll that was able to be held. While Gaia-tan, released March 2010, was the second doll.
  • Some dolls have variants in different CIs with a new look and new bonus items.
  • The doll called Sol (released in the Midsummer Swirl CI) originally had the number #166, but it was later changed to #106 after the Ginoverseer was released with the same number, this happened even though Sol was released first and held the number for several months. This wasn't the first time a duplicate number appeared for a doll and was quickly reassigned.

External linksEdit

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