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SD-Plus: Gaia Character Collection or SD+ for short, is a series of small dolls released from Chance Items at random. The dolls here are being tracked by a list located at the top, to locate a specifics doll on the subpage use Ctrl+F.

About SDPlusEdit

History of SDPlus seriesEdit

The project was started by Gaia artist reapersun and the first series appeared in the Repo Lamp CI, in January 2009. In May 2009 the Gee Boi Turbo CI gave a Blind Box item which contained a random doll from the Gaia Character Collection, the blind box was later added to other CIs. In November 2012 the SDPlus Gold Blind Box was released for the Black Friday sale, this box only grants dolls that are the 'rarest' to obtain. On January 09, 2013, the main SDPlus Box changed. When an SDPlus Blind Box is opened a package (called a 'blind bag') with a year on it will be received. This package contains the doll from the year listed on the package, though still random by whatever Chance Item the doll is from. In July 2013, Club Verge arrived this exclusive shop is available to Gaians who were frequent spenders on cash items, one of the available services of the shop is ordering a custom made Gaian SDPlus.

How do users obtain a doll?Edit

When a Chance Item is played a random item is received. The containers are often set up so the player has to go through 'levels' to reach a rare item. One of the items is an SD Plus Blind Box and in that a Blind Bag, which when opened grants a doll. If users don't want to attempt playing for a box, they can purchase it via Marketplace, along with blind bags. It should be noted the user can not choose the doll they want when a blind bag is granted, it simply improves the chances as the dolls are being picked from a smaller grouping.

What is a Alchemized SDPlus Blind box?Edit

An alchemized box is possible by using the Gaia Item Alchemy feature. The steps required to craft one can become expensive, ranging up to 100K each attempt and requires that users be at Level 10. The formula is obtained by another Chance Item called the Alchemist's Case and the components to create the box must be available.

Formula 10: SDPlus Blind Box + 5 x Otaku Sanctuary, 1 x Blank Doll, 10 x SDPlusifier, 1 x Cinderblock, 10 x Anycolor Enamel, 20 x Plastic Token

Are dolls available in Gaia Shops?Edit

Currently no, the dolls can only be obtained through Chance Items. The dolls have Store Sellback value, however, this is true for a number of items.

What are SDPlus dolls based on?Edit

The dolls are primarily designed in the likenesses of characters seen on Gaia Online, ranging from long time Gaia NPCs, one-shot characters from current Chance Items, or Mini-Comics and Manga. Companions or themes from Monthly Collectibles and Evolving Items. Other types of dolls are in the likeness Gaia Staff avatars, see SDPlus Real for the Staff series. There are end-of-the-year Chance Items called "Super Prize" which releases dolls based on NPC:Ivan, the page for that is SDPlus Special. And SDSuper+ which is a series specifically for sponsorship events, these dolls are done in the likeness of copyrighted characters from their respective series.

Each doll is given a number, a pose, and a description, and some dolls have unique bonus items that Gaians can equip to themselves.

What does SDPlus mean?Edit

The title of SD stands for Super Deformed. The addition of "Plus" is currently unknown.


  • The current count of the highest SDPlus is #541.
  • The Lanzer Doll, released in May 2009, was the first doll that was able to be held. While Gaia-tan, released March 2010, was the second doll.
  • Some dolls have variants in different CIs with a new look and new bonus items.
  • The doll called Sol (released in the Midsummer Swirl CI) originally had the number #166, but it was later changed to #106 after the Ginoverseer was released with the same number, this happened even though Sol was released first and held the number for several months. This wasn't the first time a duplicate number appeared for a doll and was quickly reassigned.

How to format SDPlus pages on GaiapediaEdit

Please don't edit unless you know what you're doing, see Wikia's Help:Contents in order to get tips on how to edit a wiki. This section will show you how the pages should be edited, do not disrupt the table pattern unless it is to add a doll or correct information.

  • See {{Mp-gaia}} to view the use of this template.
  • c - Is to trigger the template to link to single Marketplace entry.
  • id - Is the Item Number. This is seen at the end of an items URL.
  • doll - post the official name of the doll exactly as given.
  • desc - post the dolls description exactly as given.
  • ci - post the Chance Item the doll was released from.
  • file: - post the icon of the Chance Item. Icons are sorted by...
    • {{Chance Item img}}
    • [[Category:Ci thumbnail]]

{| border="1" cellpadding="2" align="center" 
| colspan=3 align=center style="background-color:#FFFFFF; color:#000000" | '''SDPlus List'''
!width="auto" style="background-color:#FFFFFF; color:#000000;"|DESCRIPTION 
!width="130" style="background-color:#FFFFFF; color:#000000;"|CHANCE ITEM
|{{Mp-gaia|c|id|doll|desc}}|| '''ci''' ||[[File:Ci item ci_name.png]]
Visual Example
SDPlus List
Listing SDPlus #001 Classic Ian - A miniature version of Ian, before his vampire side came out. Midsummer Swirl Ci icon MidsummerSwirl

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