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RumbleKitten is a iOS app game developed by Gaia Interactive, Inc.. It's presence on Gaia was February 22, 2013. Gaians who participated in the scavenger hunt to find 3 kittens would receive a pair of RumbleKitten: Waffles' Ears.[1]


[NPC] Daddy CatEdit

[NPC] Daddy Cat
Avatar DaddyCat flip
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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:03 pm Announced: Fri Feb 22, 2013 8:42 pm
Listen up, kitten: Daddy Cat runs this town. There’s only one way for a stray to make it off the streets around here: by tickle-fighting for me in the Rumble Ring. What do you say, stray? Are you kitten enough to rumble with the best?

Gaia’s got a brand new game for all iOS devices! RumbleKitten puts you in the paws of a brave young stray from the mean streets of Old Fursbury. Your kitten pals have been locked in the pound by the local kingpin, Daddy Cat, and there’s only one way to spring them: by testing your skills in underground kitten tickle fights! Do you have what it takes to save your friends and become the finest RumbleKitten in in the land?

To celebrate RumbleKitten’s release, we’ve set up a special Gaia scavenger hunt. If you track down three stray kittens, you’ll be rewarded with an adorable prize: a pair of Scottish Fold ears, as made famous by Waffles, Gaia’s unofficial kitty mascot. The scavenger hunt will run for two weeks - plenty of time to find the stray kittens! Come join us in the RumbleKitten forum to chat, have fun, and find stray cats! Take me to the RumbleKitten Forum! Meow!

Play RumbleKitten!

Scavenger hunt txtEdit

The text seen when a kitten was found

You Found:

A stray kitten named (___)!

  • Puck: Mrrow~! Thanks for rescuing me, I got a little lost chasing a bird.
  • Quank: Oh, thank you so much! I could boop your nose for this!
  • Waffles: That was scary! There was nobody to pet me and tell me I'm good!

There are still # more kitten/s hiding around the site that you need to find.

Find all # kittens to get an item!

Click here to return

completed hunt

You found all the stray kittens, congratulations!

For more kitten hijinks, visit the Apple App Store to pick up RumbleKitten today!

You have been granted


Click here to go to your inventory

Click here to return


  • The kitten in the game named Waffles is a personification of the real life Waffles the Cat.


Gg rk cat1
Sad Puck
Gg rk cat happy1
Happy Puck
Gg rk cat2
Sad Quank
Gg rk cat happy2
Happy Quank
Gg rk cat3
Sad Waffle
Gg rk cat happy3
Happy Waffle
Gg 2k13feb22 rumblekitten forumbg
Background, RumbleKitten
Gg banner 2k13feb22 rumblekitten-faq
FAQ banner
Gg rumblekitten puck found
You Found Puck!
RumbleKitten Valentines
Gg rk valentine1
roses are RED violets are BLUE
You're going to swoon when I tickle you!
Gg rk valentine2
Gg rk valentine3
You're the ONE
I'm Pawsitive
Gg rk valentine4
I like you...
And naps
Gg rk valentine5
Love is
Gg rk valentine6
Love is hard
But I'm Feline fine!

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  1. RumbleKitten: Waffles' Ears (February 22, 2013).

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