This is a list of quotes by Rufus the Cat.

Note that Rufus's shop quotes prior to 2007 are unfounded. However, due to 2007 being an update there may be a few early existing quotes.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Rufus the Cat

  • Welcome, (Username). How may I help you?
  • What would you like to buy today?
  • Hello (Username), back for more shopping?
  • Welcome to the Barton Boutique, the city's finest clothing store.
  • Ian...
  • Meow~
  • *Purrrrrr*
  • E=mc^2
  • *woof* *woof*
  • Don't even think about pulling my tail.
  • The secret store discount? I'll never tell.
  • I'm not moving, no matter how many times you nudge me.
  • Ooo! Ooo! I loved being scratched behind the ears.
  • Just because I can talk doesn't mean I don't like getting scratched behind the ears.
  • Warn me if you see Rina coming... she's always trying to dress me up...
  • I don't get along so well with other cats. They never have much to say...
  • Ian says I'm not allowed to eat fish in the store. He thinks they smell bad! Ha! Can you believe it?
  • Do you have any presents to wrap? Just click on your item and select the GIFT WRAPPING option.

Other quotesEdit

2010 Marketplace
  • I would like to point out that the Cool Starter Polo shirt is just that -- a Cool Starter Polo shirt. It has no magical powers, does not give any special abilities, does not impart any special privileges, has no special engravings, does not make you more attractive nor more charming, and, while it smells a bit of Ian, that will go away as soon as you take possession. / It is simply a Cool Starter Polo shirt.

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