Roleplay  v. (rohl-pley) [1]

  1. to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), especially in a make-believe situation.


Abbreviated (RP) is the practice of two or more individuals telling a story together, with themselves or characters created by them as the protagonists. Extremely common on Gaia, countless threads, forums, and guilds are dedicated to roleplay.


Types of RoleplaysEdit

As roleplaying is an activity enjoyed by many Gaians, different genres such as action/adventure, cyberpunk, sci-fi/fantasy, and romance are commonly used in roleplays by people of varying tastes. Often, roleplays will be based off of different anime or video games.

Erotic roleplay between users is commonly known as cybering, and is prohibited by Gaia. However, this rule is difficult to enforce because of the vast number of users who may be engaging in the practice, and because of the persistence of PM use in cybering ("take it to PMs").


Here are two examples of what part of a roleplay might look like between two hypothetical Gaians:

Example 1

User 1 Says:

"Stay back, I'm warning you!" User 1 shouts as he prepares to defend his comrade. *Draws sharp sword and slices orge's arm off*

User 2 Replies:

User two beings to awaken. *Regains consciousness* "Good work..." User 2 says with relief.

Example 2

User 1 Says:

"Stay back, I'm warning you!" cried User 1 as he threw himself between the snarling ogre and the unconscious body of his companion. Drawing his sword, he stood confidently before the beast as it attempted to rush him. Then, a flash of steel, a spurt of blood, and his opponent's arm was severed at the elbow.

In response, User 2's Reply:

User 2 drifted back to consciousness just in time to feel the warm blood of the ogre splatter across his face. Forcing himself back into action, he shakily stood; the ogre, in pain and frightened by the new combatant, fled back between the rocks. User 2 sighed with relief. "Good work..." he said to User 1.


The short responses of Example 1 are commonly seen in average or spur of the moment RPs. That style of RP is stereotyped by n00bs and cyberers. Many "literate" roleplayers insist that Example 2 is the correct way to RP, and some even go as far to demand anywhere from one to Six paragraphs per post.

God-Modding in RoleplayEdit

Aside with the No cybering "take it to the PMs" rule, lots of Roleplay on Gaia consist of certain rules that are set up so everyone could get the best out of the RP. One main rule for most action/adventure, even some sci-fi/fantasy RPs is no "God-Modding". God-Modding means pretty much of what it's called, an RPers character cannot die. Lots of people use this so they could easily win any, and possibly all battles that occur in the RP.

Fighter 1 says:

The wind blows cold on his face as Fighter 1 clutches the hilt of his sword tight as he stares down the other. Fighter 1 wants to pick the right moment, to strike down his opponent without much effort so this would end quickly. A strong gust and Fighter 1 dashes with the grace of the wind. An impulse to the stomach, Fighter 1 believes the fight might soon be over.

In response, Fighter 2 says:

Fighter 2 stands still, his eyes showing no emotion, no pain, no fear. The sword that seemed to have stabbed him was, instead, broken in half. The winds ahead made the clouds cover the moonlight and it became extremely dark. A sudden blow and Fighter 1 falls to the ground, dead. Fighter 2 walks away in victory.

Character typesEdit

Human beings

  • The most common species.
  • The most flexible races to roleplay with.
  • Allows for class sorting, such as: Mage, Rogue, and Warrior.

Supernatural beings

  • Elf (Dark Elf)
    • The most popularized roleplay role given their pop culture status.
    • Commonly found in media that heavily features them, such as: tabletop games, card games, video games, movies, and books.
    • They are characterized by their long pointed ears, sharp features, agility, and weapon skills.
  • Ghost
    • Not the most used roleplay role, however, are used for the power of haunting and possession.
    • Commonly used to tell of past events. Or if a player's character dies, their character becomes a following ghost.
    • Can become the target of ghost hunters.
  • Vampire
    • The most popularized roleplay role given their pop culture status.
    • Commonly modeled after Dracula-like vampires from books and media.
    • Known for blood consumption, physically powers, and essentially being immortal.
    • They can convert other characters into being vampires themselves, or being minions and ghouls.
  • Witch / Warlock / Wizard
    • A common type of character to roleplay.
    • Much like humans, they are flexible and can take on duel classes.
    • They are often portrayed as wearing tall hats and robes.
    • There magic comes from the usage of wands, books, and potions.


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