A Robot is an automatically guided machine, able to do tasks on its own. Another common characteristic is that by its appearance or movements, a robot often conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own.

On Gaia, Robots were introduced in 2005. There are eleven robot Gaia NPC's, one giant mecha (Delugeau), a cyborg (Easter Bunny), and a previous mech suit controlled by Santa Claus.

2005: Gaia HomesEdit

In February the town of Aekea arrived, and onward toward the month of May a shop called The Faktori was released. The Faktori was run by three robots: Bildeau, Bludeau and Ribateau. By default, Gaians would be in Bildeau's section. He's in charge of selling Wall and Floor tiles. To his right, Bludeau was in charge of selling all kinds of furniture. To his left, Ribateau who is in charge of selling wall dressings.

Each of these bots have their own personality: Bildeau being the most helpful and welcoming toward costumers, Bludeau being the most affectionate and accepting toward human attention, and Ribateau being the most questionable; due to this talk of Bot Rebellion and negativity toward his brothers who like humans, and he was seen during the Halloween 2009 on the side of S.I.N., along with Bildeau.

From Ribateau's dialogue, some robots in Gaia were used as war machines; it became illegal to use them in such a manner or own them but the bots are allowed to work in various parts of Gaia due to Government permission.

It is Bludeau who has been the most active bot in Gaia, he has been assigned to Aekea Housing Commissions after the previous store owner left to create her own shop, he introduced Gaians to the game "Electric Love Faktori", and was used as the Lovetron 9000 during a prom.

Robot BildeauBludeauRibateau

2005: Gaia TownsEdit

With the introduction of Gaia Towns there was also the introduction of Bugs, Trash, and Flowers. These objects were collected by Gaians who gathered them in nets and would take them to the middle square were three little robots stood near the fountain. These Robots names were Bogie (aka Bogey), Yappie, and Feebie. They would accept the objects collected and transfer them to the depositors inventory.

Each of these bots had their own personality, Bogie being the most visibly upset about having to accept insects, Yappie being carefree and happy to accept flowers, and Feebie being a mix of melancholy and cheerful when accepting trash.

After 2005 there were updates to the towns and the three robots were removed and not seen for years. They have since returned in the MMO zOMG!, connected to a database called HyperNet.

Robot BogieYappieFeebie

2006: Gaia TownsEdit

For 2006 and onward, the Towns got another robot named Boggie, who is currently responsible for depositing the various collected items into Gaians inventory. Given the job over the other three robots and being more efficient at it.

Boggie is completely gray with golden eyes, its mouth piece is in the shape of a smile. It asks the user "Would you like to save your items to your main inventory?. Although appearing friendly and speaking polity, it doesn't appear to have a personality when compared to its counterparts.

Robot Boggie

2005: Gold MountainEdit

With the addition of the casino called "Gold Mountain", there were NPCs to play Gaia Cards against. When the first two are defeated, players would be challenged by the last opponent, a robot called Cardbot, who has the ability to use two cheat moves: Pocket Ace, which he uses often when he has a card total of 10, and Fresh Start.

While playing against the previous two opponents, Cardbot would silently stand beside them and shot out cards on command.

NPC Cardbot3

2006: Trial of IanEdit

At the end of the New Year's 2006 event, Ian was apprehended by the Gaian Police for arson of the Gambino Mansion. This was the introduction to three Judicial Bots: JudgeBot 502X, DefenseBot 513A, and ProsecutionBot 508Z.

Each bot has their own AI program and follow the human law of the judicial system. The JudgeBot 502X has a long history of unbiased decision making most likely due to his extensive programming.

The prosecution is represented by ProsecutionBot 508Z. He has a longtime conviction rate of 97%. It is said that he was programmed with human-like emotions giving himself insight into how humans will react to testimonies. The defense, is done by DefenseBot 513A. The "Trial of Ian" was DefenseBot 513A's first trial. In fact, DefenseBot 513A had just rolled off of the assembly line the morning of the trial.

When it comes to acknowledging humans, the DBot513A would refer to them as "Humanoid" and regard their gender as male or female respectively. He also has a tendency to carry on in great detail, having to simplify his comments to humans, and he makes clanging noises when he speaks.

Robot JudgeProsecutionDefense

2007: Summer FestivalEdit

When the Summer 2k7: Summer Festival was announced, Gaians looked over the participating teams, each having their own special water weapon. When it came to Aekea it was Liam who introduced Gaians to his Mecha, Delugeau, a yellow painted robot in the shape of a submarine that towered over the buildings of Aekea. It was capable of lobbing giant water balloons at opposing towns.

In setting up for the Gaia Olympics 2008 Liam attempted to build a team leader he would call Delugeau 8000 V.52, which would have been a completely remodeled version of Delugeau. However the construction of the bot was halted when Josie told him about the rules of the event; that large robots were restricted after the damage that was done during the summer of 2007. The committee made a rule that robots larger than 20 feet were not allowed to participate in the games.

Currently Delugeau is in storage.

Summer Festival Aekea Delugeau

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