Rich Camp aka Camp Rich, was a camp that was in the Summer 2k9: Camp Chaos event. For this 2009 Summer event there were no winners.


Welcome to a magical land of caviar hot tubs, nightly lobster dinners and hourly scalp massages. Rich Camp spares no expense taking care of its treasured guests.

Are you sure you want to join Rich Camp? Once you pick a camp, you're there all summer.

Team Leader(s) Edit

For certain events, there is an NPC Rep.

  • Counselors for Rich Camp - Gino Gambino and the NPC:Von Helson Sisters

Notable prizes & Related itemsEdit

  • Rich Camp Leather Coat - You look like a million bucks, partly because the lining of this coat is made out of thousand dollar bills.
  • Rich Camp Raining Money - When it rains, hopefully it pours.
  • Rich Camp Stacks of Gold - Just look at all that gold you have. You're definitely way better than everyone else! Even I wanna be your friend!
  • Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash - This beautiful sash stands as a glowing record of your many summer camp accomplishments. Thankfully, it omits all of the shameful indignities you suffered.
  • Rich Camp Hired Help - Servants to attend to your every need.


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