This is a list of quotes by Ribateau.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Ribateau

  • Welcome, human.
  • One of these days, you humans will pay for enslaving us...erm, I mean--would you like a window to go with that door?
  • Do not be alarmed, human. I am allowed to bot.
  • Bloudeau is always so enamored with you humans, why can he not see that we bots are superior in every way?[1]
  • We bots were once used as war machines. It is illegal to use as weapons in this day and age.
  • Please do not look behind that door, human.
  • My foolish brother Bildeau makes me sick. His incessant pandering is disgraceful behavior for us bots!


  1. He is referring to Bludeau, who has not worked in the Faktori since 2009.

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