Reindeer is a small set of accessories to make the wearer resemble a reindeer. Total Cost of Outfit (2,353 Gold)

Barton BoutiqueEdit

Hats Edit

  • Reindeer Antlers: Normal deer use these to fight with... and um... so do reindeer. But let's not fight during the holidays, ok? ^_^;;; (1,000 Gold)


  • Reindeer Chest Fur: Buy this. It'll put some hair on your chest. (250 Gold)


  • Deer Hoof Shoes: You could leave some pretty interesting tracks in the woods with these shoes. (233 Gold)


  • Reindeer Mask: A cute little mask for Santas little helper (675 Gold)

Items Edit

  • Reindeer Gloves: These gloves turn your hands into hooves. (195 Gold)

Brown Giftbox/Blue GiftboxEdit


Red Nose Reindeer Mask: A mask fashioned after the most famous reindeer of all.