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Really, Gaia? Really?

Really Gaia, really? is a phrase that often shows up in the Site Feedback forum by frustrated Gaians who want to express their disappoint over a feature or general maintenance of the site. In April 2010 during the April Fools 2k10 mini event, an item contained this text. On August 31st an Achievement Badge was given the same title, this badge was meant to be specifically achieved by posting in the Site Feedback forum. However, this badge, along with two others, were disabled due to complaints and the amount of spam that quickly followed upon their release, it is unknown if these badges will be enabled on a later date.

The creation of the item and badge shows that Gaia Staff does pay attention to general feedback and frustration of members on the site, it is also an attempt at being humorous.

Apr1 2010 ashface

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