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A Rapid Evolving Item (REI) / (Rapid EI) is a unique Premium Item because its an Evolving Item that changes or "evolves" in a quick period of time. These items are exclusive to the La Victoire Cash Shop, meaning they can only be bought with Gaia Cash. Though another purchase option is by using the Marketplace, where Users sell them for gold.

Rapid Evolving Items are usually released in generations, or "gens" for short. When a new Rapid EI arrives in the Cash Shop, the 1st generation is available for purchase, containing the starting poses for that item. After a day or two, the item will "evolve", and the starting poses will be added by the new second stage poses.

At the same time, the 1st gen of a Rapid EI is still available for purchase from the Cash shop. When a Rapid EI reaches its final stage, it is removed from the Cash Shop, and a 2nd gen that is fully-evolved will be released.

Rapid EI's are known to be in time with holidays or annual events, however, the Mana Seed was the first Rapid EI to not have this theme.


  • Evolving Items have a blue sparkle Premium sparkle EI
  • On November 8, 2013, it was announced that Evolving Items, including Rapid EIs, would evolving every Friday. This means no mini evolutions until other wise noted.

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