Rap/Hip-Hop/Rob is a Music Sub forum on Gaia Online.

The Lack of Mods

The Rap forum is rarely moderated, allowing a certain few to make multiple spam threads with whatever they like. Due to the lack of moderation the rap forum has become more of a family and all the regulars know each other and constantly argue, almost as if they were siblings.

Invasion of the Rockers

The Rap forum is constantly invaded by Gaians (usually fans of Rock music) who make threads expressing their disgust at rap. They are usually flamed for this, but the lack of moderation lets these threads live for weeks, or even months.

The General Rap Population

The General Rap Population of Gaia are aspiring artist, such as producers/rappers, due to this a Gaia Online Mixtape has been started with The Rap Population submitting their works to be released digitally on the internet.

Rap/Hip Hop/R&B Forum Vocabulary

Many words have been formulated or become regular slang in this forum. HHF=Hip Hop Forum L=Loss or fail (Durrtyboi has been noted to have taken the biggest L in the HHF)

FreeFlow Sticky

The FreeFlow Sticky is for inspiring emcees to come together and show their keystyling abiliy (freestyling with text). The FF suffers from alot of spam and unwanted beef. Sometimes a giant page jump will occur due to this beef or spam, but alot of times its done by mules. Like the whole Rap/Hip-Hop/R&b Forum, little of the spam is cut down due to lack of mods, the creator Caz Nova hasn't been seen in a while. Fortunately the sticky is still around unlike others and the emcees within it will make sure it stays alive.

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