A Random Event item or Rare Event item are terms used for items that are obtained from a Random event happening in which Gaians receive a forum(site) based Chance Item, when used it generates a random prized item. The Magical Gift boxes and Trunks where the first ever Chance Items on Gaia and would show up at any given time. Up to this point they have not been updated with new items and instead contain recipes and ingredients relating to the Item Alchemy feature, which arrived in 2011.

See also: Category:Chance Item, Category:Random Event Item, and Chance Item list

Types of ContainersEdit

  • Giftbox - The first type of Random Event Item, this came in the form of a pink colored box. They were released in March 2003.
  • Trunk - The second type of Random Event Item, this came in the form of a brown trunk. They were released April 2003.

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