This is a list of quotes by Radio Jack.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Radio Jack

  • Hey (Username), nice clothes. I guess "garish hobo" must be the fashion these days?
  • You're asking me for help? What do I look like, a lame short girl who's easy to push around?
  • Brennivin's kind of a dolt, but he has a sweet setup here so I let him hang out with me.
  • Did I just hear you say "Jack's so cute"? Because, call me crazy, I thought I just heard, "Jack, please break my face."
  • Quit crowding me, kid.
  • Quit bragging kid.

Event quotesEdit


  • No wonder you're not at the kissing booth. Your mouth looks like a ditch full of broken bricks.
  • Come back later, I'm only serving unrepulsive people right now.
  • Your face looks like a basketball covered in potato salad covered in ants.
  • Looks like my dirty newspaper collection got ruined by the rain. Oh wait, that's your face.
  • You might be able to teach a pig to dance, but even that wouldn't make you interesting.
  • This one's on the house: you smell like an otter's hindquarters.


  • Contract?
  • Gaian's are such sheep.

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