[[File:cn banner 2k15jan16 PunkedOutAvatarContest.jpg|center]] {{Infobox/Contest | name = Punked Out Avatar Contest | announced = January 16, 2015<br />January 18, 2015 (Winners) | deadline = January 17, 2015<br />(Promotion Period) | purpose = Dress Avatar in a punk-style | prize = *Heart of an Alleycat *Heart of a Schoolboy *Sandman's Burden *New Attitude chance item | winner = [[Punked Out Avatar Contest 2k15 January#Winners|See below]] }} '''Punked Out Avatar Contest''' is , it was done in relation to the [[Punked Out NPC Fanart Contest 2k15 January]]. It was announced [[January]] 15, [[2015]], with deadline date of [[January]] 17th. ==General information== Hey punks! Oh, I don't mean to imply that you're unruly, dear Gaians. I meant that entirely as a compliment! You see, from now until January 17th at 5:59 PM PST, you'll be able to post in this thread to enter the Punked Out Avatar Contest! How to Enter: :Simply post in this thread! Your current avatar will be judged by a panel of Gaia Staff members who love wicked sick looks and totally rad ensembles! Some of us can do neat skateboard tricks, but none of us have mohawks at the moment. We'll work on that. Prizes: :2 Grand Prize Winners will receive: Heart of an Alleycat & Heart of a Schoolboy! :4 First Place Winners will receive: Sandman's Burden! :6 Second Place Winners will recieve: 9 copies of New Attitude! :8 Third Place Winners will receive: 3 copies of New Attitude! Rules: *In order to win, you must post in this thread. *You may post more than once, and hang out here, but posting more often does not increase your chances of winning. *You may not post Tekteks or an image of an avatar. *Your entry will be judged based on what your avatar has equipped at the time of judging, so don't change that perfect avatar until the winners are announced or you might not be at peak punkness! Ending: :This contest ends on January 17th at 3:59 PM PST and the judging will begin taking place immediately. The winners will be announced on January 18th! Things to Discuss: :These won't affect your entry, but you can't very well post without having anything to talk about! So here are some questions: What are you listening to right now? What bands and albums do you never get tired of? What do you think of punk subculture? How do you stick it to The Man in your everyday life? :Here at Gaia HQ, we take rebellion to the next level: Our Halloween decorations have been up for three months straight, and we might not take 'em down until next Halloween. Take that, society! ==Winners== Grand Prize Winners: :Abbadon Demogorgon :Bunthulhu First Place Winners: :Vigors :the radical I Sinistro I Second Place Winners: :RuneRyder :Xion Keyblade Master :Annarkii :Kaze Rune :Castiel Lover :l3unni :-Lady Alaina- Third Place Winners: :Basket Case Insanity :sdrawkcab :Alex Arkas :Yokies :Army of Madness :xukshia :Casey Draws :The Muse of Life :Lavens <!--==Gallery== <gallery hideaddbutton=true> Contest promo 2k1*monthdate contest name.jpg|Finalist of "contest name" Gs banner 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎|Month date Gs promo 2k1*monthdate shop.jpg‎| </gallery> --> ==External links== (Note: ''Page Disabled'' commonly happens with completed contests) {{Link-gaia|st|95583139|Punked Out Avatar Contest Rules and Entries!|admin Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:16 pm}} {{Link-pedia|id|16 Enter the Punked Out Avatar Contest and win it big!}} {{Link-pedia|id|18 The Punked Out Avatar Contest winners are in!}}

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