PubeCellerator is an item featured in Gaia Online Evolving Item Reports. It is a parody on the term puberty and accelerator.[1]


NPC:Edmund diagnosed NPC:Timmy's rapid growth spurt in May 2009. The finalization to the solution was brought up on May 21st. The contraption was finally seen on May 29th with Timmy placed inside, the result of the accelerator was an Adult Timmy seen in June.

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The PubeCellerator is a machine that is meant to counteract the mutation know as "megapuberty" by accelerating the process of puberty to a matter of hours. This machine (a prototype built by Edmund) was brought on to the EI Report show and Timmy was placed inside of it.

Map:G CORP's copywriters came up with the name, and Edmund thinks G CORP always were rather terrible at naming things and Dr. Singh also considers the name PubeCellerator to be an extremely unfortunate name. The contraption never made it to market due to its exceedingly limited usefulness.


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