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Promote My Post is a Gaia Forums feature that allows a user to highlight their thread in a forum.



A thread can be highlighted with three styles: Gold, Sparkle, and Alert. Currently it doesn't appear to effect a thread's status in a forum system wise.


Ft example style gold
Ft example style sparkle
Ft example style alert
Ft promotemypost newtopic
Creating a new topic
Ft promotemypost thstyle
Choosing a style for the topic
Ft promotemypost thgold
Header for gold
Ft promotemypost thsparkle
Header for sparkle
Ft promotemypost thalert
Header for Alert

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Avatar admin flip
Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:10 pm
Looking for a way to make a special thread stand out from the crowd? Now you can use Promote My Post to give your threads a colorful boost.

Maybe you're trying to start up a new art shop, or draw some attention to an important petition. You might be running a special contest and need more entries, or maybe you just think your personal opinion of the Xbox One is incredibly important (it is, we're sure). No matter the occasion, Promote My Post lets you trade a little Gaia Cash for some extra eyeballs.

To try it out, just click the "Promote my Post" button inside your thread. Enjoy!