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Prom Crashers 2008 started May 16 and ran through until May 19, after being extended to a day longer than initially advertised. It came about after Edmund told Johnny K. Gambino that his potential problems with women demanded a scheme, and so Johnny announced the Gaia Prom; a formal, all-ages dance competition.


On May 1, Moira announced that the Gaian populace were cordially invited to crash Gaia's first-ever prom. Christian Siriano was hanging out with Ian in the Barton Boutique where he released his Christian Siriano line of clothing.

New clothes were released May 6; Flow Prom Dresses, Polyester Suits, Lily Boutonniere and Lily Corsages. More were released May 9 through the Cash Shop; Voluptuous Wrap Dresses, Celestial Gold Slinky Split Dress and Celestial Gold Glamorous Pumps.

Gaian ReactionEdit

In true Prom fashion, Gaians dressed in formal attire and arranged for role-play dates to the event.

Gaia PromEdit

Edy chaperoning

Edy chaperoning

On May 16, the doors to Fanterious Hotel were opened to the public. Gaians could hang out in various rooms of the hotel, or talk to others in the event forum. The event was chaperoned by Edy, wearing a red suit and black and white checkered bowtie with an Alruna's Rose between his teeth, who would say 'Eyyy! Welcome to Gaia Prom! Wanna claim your free prom item? Just click here,' as the Gaian would visit the event page, with 'click here' a link to obtain an item. Upon clicking, he would say 'Here you go, compliments of the Prom committee' and the Leather Dress Watch would be rewarded. After claiming the item, Edy would say the following phrases like in shops:

  • Hope you wore your dancin' shoes.
  • Nah, I ain't got a date. So what!? No shame in that.
  • Keep it clean, folks.
  • Lookin' good, pal. You're gonna knock 'em dead out there.
  • If I weren't chaperonin' this shindig, I'd win the hell outta that dance contest.
  • The Prom is over. Thanks for stopping by! (After the Prom ended)

Gaians could also sign The Class of 2008 Yearbook, a special thread where users could only post once to make it feel like a genuine yearbook, but that post could be edited.


The event introduced a new dancing game, similar to Dance Dance Revolution but with arrows scrolling from left to right instead of up. Gaians could choose from a small range of songs with different genres ranging from easy to very hard difficulty. There would be a target accuracy to reach to keep a Hot Streak going. Each consecutive round won would increase the player's Hot Streak and gain 100 points to their overall score. If the player lost, the Hot Streak would end and the player would have to start over. Larger Hot Streaks won prizes, and the biggest Hot Streaks would be shown on a leaderboard.

Event ItemsEdit

The first item was given free by Edy:

  • Leather Dress Watch: To wind this watch, simply turn your monitor six full rotations every three days.

Through building up Hot Streaks and increasing in rank, Gaians would receive further prizes, as well as small gold bonuses. Male ranks were named [needed]. Female ranks were named Two Left Feet (after completing one round), Twinkle Toes (after completing three consecutive rounds), Crazylegs (after completing eight consecutive rounds), Step Mama (after completing fifteen consecutive rounds) and Dance Queen (after completing twenty consecutive rounds).

Storyline UpdateEdit

A new manga was released, entitled Prom Drama, which showed all the behind-the-scenes prom drama amongst the characters. Edmund encouraged Johnny K. Gambino to go out with women again and helped him set up the scheme of the Prom; Cindy Donovinh broadcast Gambino's announcement of the Prom whilst Liam demanded that Gino Gambino move out of his apartment and ask out Sasha; Timmy worked up the courage to ask Dr. Singh to the Prom but witnessed Lance ask her first; Moira told Vanessa that she was no longer with Louie Von Helson after taking the Vampire serum, and both girls turned down Liam before he had even asked them to the Prom, but Vanessa accepted Edmund's invitation; Gino was unsuccessful in his bid to impress Sasha; Ian and Rufus agreed to go stag and crash the Prom; Liam asked Natasha who accepted, and she pierced Marie and Anna Corinne Von Helson's ears together after they had been following Liam around for the entire day.

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