Official ReleaseEdit

The official release of the latest CSS-based profile system was announced November 24, 2005 on the Announcements forum. Users were promised a new level of customization and a new system of editing profiles.

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A standard profile has up to nine different sections, each geared toward familiarizing the reader with the user in question and each with their own level of user customization.


All content in the sidebar appears on the leftmost side of the viewer's screen.

User Name and AvatarEdit

This section has a header with the user's name, as well as a small bar typically seen on the forums that both informs of the user's online status and gives the viewer the option to add the user as a friend, send the user a message, trade items, or ignore the user. This section also includes a full image of the user's avatar with a small quote (edited by the user) and images of the individual items currently equipped on the avatar. If the viewer clicks on an item in this section, they are taken to a page with some stats on that item and a preview of the viewer's avatar wearing that item.


This section provides the viewer some basic stats on the user, including the last login date, the number of posts the user has made, the average number of posts made per day, and the user's birthday and the date he or she joined Gaia Online. There are other pieces of information that the user may edit, including location, occupation, interests, and website. If the viewer happens to have any friends in common with the user, the name and headshot of these friends will appear in this section as well.


Items that the user has added to their wishlist may appear here along with a symbol that indicates whether the item is being quested for, wanted, bought, or donated. There is currently a limit of 300 items in one person's wishlist.


The main content area is right of the sidebar and takes up a larger area.


This section has links to the user's posts, guilds, and store, as well as a short summary the user has written about his or her self. Any editable text in this section is BBCode enabled.


If the user has made their friends list viewable, a link to a list of his or her friends appears in this section, as well as the headshots and names of twelve friends.


This section contains a link to the user's journal, the name of the journal, the journal summary, and links to the last three entries made.


Here the user may add multimedia in the form of a flash file.


If the user has allowed comments, a viewer is free to add their own comment or to view the comments that have been left by other visitors. The latest ten comments appear as quotes next to the visitor's avatar.


This section shows the current signature of the user, which will also appear at the bottom of their posts in the forum if they have this option activated.


Themes were one of the new features added to personal profiles as an attempt toward further user customization. Currently, the themes offered by Gaia Online are Classic, Blocks, Grunny, and Custom. There is also a dropdown menu listing color choices for headers, but this feature has yet to be activated.

Custom themes are created using CSS code, and there are currently several guides circulating the Gaia Guides and Resources subforum regarding the CSS codes that customize different aspects of one's profile. The parts of the profile that may not be edited or removed by a theme are the header bar that is used to navigate Gaia Online, the bottom copyright bar, and the links to Guidelines, FAQs, etc. that appear at the bottom of every page.


Announcement of the official release of new profiles, made by twobit on November 24, 2005.

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