A Private Message is an email-like message which can be sent privately from one user to another. Users are notified of a Private Message by a bubble with a link appearing next to their avatar and a number next to the mail icon next to the shortcuts. It is commonly referred to as "PM," "PMs" for plural, and "PMing" as a verb.

Special MessagesEdit

Usually you will receive special messages for the following reasons.

  • Item Sold on the marketplace.
  • Auction expired on the marketplace.
  • Being outbid on an auction.
  • Gaia NPC Reminders of a friends birthday.
  • Receiving Gaia Cash for completing special offers or watching short videos.
  • Messages from a Moderator usually stating...


  • While the feature is subjected to spam abuse, scams, and chain letters. Gaia Gold used to be granted for sending Private Messages; however, this became disabled due to abuse and spamming.
  • The friends@gaia feature gave users the ability to send a private message to all the people on their friendslist. However, due to abuse of this system (by way of chain letters and spam) it had to be disabled.
  • There are some users who enjoy receiving random PMs. Such as PMs from anonymous gift givers.
  • Marketplace messages can be disabled by editing your marketplace store.

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