The Premium Items of Gaia are classified as items that were obtained by purchasing from the Cash Shop with Gaia Cash. The first premium items were the Monthly Collectibles from 2003 (back then referred to as Donation Items), next were the items stocked in the La Victoire directly, then came Evolving Items in 2007 with the Rapid EIs following three years later. Later was the Gaia Aquarium items from 2008, and then the cash based Chance Items, which also appeared in 2007 but began to have notable themes and standard pricing at the start of 2009, these containers give out assorted prizes upon opening or playing them. The latest premium items are the Animated Items from 2010.


What are Premium Items?

Premium Items can help you turn a good avatar into a great one. They're among the most desirable items on Gaia, so they're sure to turn some heads.

You can buy premium items with Gaia Cash, or save up your Gold and bid on them in the Marketplace.

Chance Items (CI)Edit

Play a quick, fun game for a chance to win a rare and valuable item.
Chance Items have a rainbow sparkle Premium sparkle CI-RIG

Main articles: Chance Item and Advance Chance

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Evolving Items (EI)Edit

EIs grow and change to become bigger, cooler and more valuable.
Evolving Items have a blue sparkle Premium sparkle EI

Main articles: Evolving Item, Rapid Evolving Item, and Evolving Item Museum

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Monthly Collectibles (MC)Edit

MCs are gorgeous, limited-edition items that are sold for one month only.
Monthly Collectibles have a magenta sparkle Premium sparkle MC

Main articles: Monthly Collectible, Monthly Collectible Letter, and Collectibles Museum

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Animated Items (AI)Edit

AIs add magical motion to your avatar with spectacular animations.
Animated Items have a yellow sparkle Premium sparkle CS

Main article: Animated Item

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Aquarium Items (AQ)Edit

Decorate your tank with everything from treasure chests to snorkeling hamsters.
Aquarium Items have an aqua sparkle Premium sparkle AQ

Main article: Aquarium Item

Pi promo 2k14aug25 aquariumitems

Other typesEdit

Limited Quantity ItemEdit

Premium items scheduled for limited release.

Main article: Limited Quantity Item


  • Cash Shop items that are stocked directly, have a golden sparkle Premium sparkle CS
  • The sparkles appeared with the arrival of Mintaka and Rigel in May 2010. Their very presence covered items in sparkles, as they found the sparkling more appealing.
  • The sparkles are in reference to the new system of determining what items are premium and which are not. This visual aid is meant to deter potential scammers and warn Buyers.
    • An example of a scamming situation involved the MC Winter Rose Mc icon WinterRose and a gold shop corsage called the Corsage White Rose Wristlet Corsage. Due their appearance being so similar when it came to the thumbnails, there were many scams committed. With the sparkles now in place, this gives people a visual cue ahead of purchase.


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