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The text here was copied verbatim onto the Gaiapedia. This text is about the Play Pen contest.

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Official RulesEdit

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Welcome to the Play Pen Monthly Contests. Each month we will hold a week long contest where our top winners from the various Play Pen games will have the chance to win an awesome prize. The rules of the contest are simple:

1. Play one of the "timed" Play Pen game tournaments (Stack Attack, Word Blitz, or SmashBlox). The "timed" tournaments are the tournaments that show, "Timed-ends at [date]" under the "Details" section.

2. Play through the game and get as high on the leader board as possible.

3. If you are first place when the timed tournament is over, then you're in luck! You are officially entered in with the rest of the contestants for that day.

4. Each day for the next seven days we will randomly select three winners (one from each game) from the first place winners pool to win the grand prize, a Gold Medal!

5. We will announce the winners each day, so keep an eye out to see if you have won! Friday and weekend winners will be announced the following Monday.


Can I win more than once?
Nope! We be selecting a new winner each day.

How many winners will there be?
There will be 21 winners. One winner for each of the three games. The contest will run for seven days. Three winners each day.

How do I enter?
Simply play one of the three timed Play Pen games.

What are the Play Pen games?
We have three Play Pen games. They are:

Word Blitz
Stack Attack

Do the free games count?
Unfortunately only games that cost gold will count.

What are "timed" games?
"Timed" games are games that are listed as "Timed-ends at [date]" under the "Details" section of the tournament listing.

How do I enter the winners pool?
If you are in first place when the tournament round you entered in ends, then you are placed into the winners pool with all the other winners for that day.

For example, if you place first in tournament #100, and then the tournament ends, you'll be in the winners pool. The next tournament that starts in the following minutes will be tournament #101. If your friend places first in tournament #101 when it ends, then both and your friend will be in the winners pool for that day. We will then select the winner from the winner's pool to win the grand prize for that day.

Can I enter more than once?
Yes! You may only win the monthly contest once a month, but you may enter as many tournaments as you want for a better chance to place first and win.

When does this all start?
The contest will start Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 3:00am EDT and run until Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 2:59am EDT

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