This is a list of quotes by Peyo.

Note that Peyo's shop quotes prior to 2005 are unfounded. However, due to 2005 being an update there may be a few early existing quotes.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Peyo

2009 after "Save Our Shops" - Ruby's Rack
  • I know all the numbers. The biggest number is 92.
  • Once I made a hat out of some shoes. They were never shoes again after that...
  • There are robots in one in the other stores! The bad one tried to crush me.
  • My mom sells clothes.
  • A car runs on gas and a duck runs on bread. I run on yum yums.
  • Ducks are the best animal. I know sixty facts about ducks.
  • Hey! Wanna see me grow a beard? I can do it real fast. Keep watching!
  • My mom once saved me when I got stuck in some pants.
  • Hey! hey! Ummm...never mind.
  • I bet could be a real good duck.
  • Rina tried to make me eat flowers once but I screamed until mom came and got me.
  • Have you ever seen a duck as big as a cow? I have.
  • My mom say I'm not s'posed to talk to Timmy.
  • I'm going to run my very own store someday.
  • The Skull Helmet scares me.
  • Pick on someone your own size!
  • I think the masque is cool!
  • Duckies go QUACK.
  • My favorite hat is the ducky hat.

Exchange TrashEdit

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You've been working so hard to clean up Gaia Towns! Wanna make something fun with that trash you picked up? Here's what we're making today:

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