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Pet Adoption Sale is a sale involving items that are obtainable through Chance Item containers and later stocked in the La Victoire, they can be purchasable using Gaia Cash.

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  • Listing Arion the Pegasus - No Description Price: 500 Cash
  • Listing Bom Bom The Bunny - Bom Bom will snuggle and cuddle you, but Bom Bom's true love will always be carrots. Price: 1000 Cash
  • Listing Fiametta the Phoenix - Belonging to a unique species of phoenix, Fiametta stays awake all hours of the night, her luminous feathers shedding light on the ancient tomes of a magical library. You might say she's a bit of a night owl~! Price: 500 Cash
  • Listing Koji the Red Fox - I'm a pretty foxy guy. Price: 2500 Cash
  • Listing Kyarameru the Purring - Kyarameru is a bit wobbly on her feet, but has giga Purring dreams! Price: 1500 Cash
  • Listing Manul the Pallas Cat - The Pallas Cat's so large and round /Its fuzzy belly scrapes the ground. / It lives on mountains where there's frost / And always seems to be quite cross. Price: 250 Cash
  • Listing Mochi Kitten Star - Mochi Kitten Star judges you not so silently. Price: 3500 Cash
  • Listing Nochi the Black Wolf - Nochi roams the snowy northern forests, but her icy blue eyes are playful when she sees her master. Price: 2500 Cash
  • Listing Olly the Otter - Olly loves to play in the ocean blue and when he doesn't play around, he enjoys laying around next to you! Price: 1000 Cash
  • Listing Puffmuffin the Chow Chow - I'm going to fluff you up !! Price: 3000 Cash
  • Listing The Forest Fawns - Honey and Peach are their names. Price: 8500 Cash
  • Listing Tunnu the Bear - Tunnu has three priorities: Eat, sleep and be unbearably adorable! Price: 1000 Cash


December 27, 2013

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NPC:Jet & Cygnus
Avatar Jet Cygnus flip
  • Icon announceAnnouncement Pet Adoption Sale in La Victoire! - [NPC] Jet & Cygnus Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:23 pm
Cygnus: So. Some of you may be aware of the fact that Jet took it upon himself to sell off most of my action figure collection. Okay. Fine. Two can play at that game. You see, Jet is a bit of a collector himself -- except he collects animals. Lots of them. You won't believe how much fur is shed all over our house. So, I'm gonna be offering 'em up to some good homes. You want a cute critter or whatever? Cool. Stop by La Victoire and look at the ones we've got available.

I think they've all got names, hang on. Here we go:

• The Forest Fawns
• Mochi the Kitten Star
• Koji the Red Fox
• Kyarameru the Purring
• Bom Bom The Bunny
• Tunnu the Bear
• Olly the Otter
• Arion the Pegasus
• Fiametta the Phoenix
• Manul the Pallas Cat
• Nochi the Wolf
• ... and the new Puffmuffin the Chow Chow!

They're cute and whatever, I guess. But honestly I think they'd probably be better off with some Gaian than Jet, since he's a colossal jerk. This adoption drive goes from now until December 28th, 11:59 PM EST so make sure you drop by soon. Please. 'Cause I can only handle so much adorableness without feeling really nauseous.

Visit La Victoire!

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