An Orphan is a child permanently bereaved of or abandoned by his or her parents.

On Gaia, Orphans are child characters who have no parents or family members to care for them. They were introduced during the 2007 Christmas event. The orphans were left in the care of NPC:Ms. Cooper, an alcoholic and neglectful woman who also ran the Shabby Meadows Orphanage. Meanwhile the children were terrorized and left to defend themselves against a rabid raccoon and a skunk. Their diet was of nearly inedible food stuffs, and they lacked proper clothing and safe toys to play with.



The mood and behavior of the children varied throughout the event, ranging from being depressed or agitated, to eventually becoming happy and more open with their caretakers.


They are a group of male and female children who are small in stature. The orphans first appeared as disheveled and distressed, only appearing happy after Gaians fulfilled their request and sent them to the adoption center.


Each of the children talked about their own talents and knowledge throughout the event.


Christmas 2007Edit

In this event, it was up to Gaians to help out this lowly orphans who resided at an orphanage. The Christmas event began with Gaia 9 Action News' Cindy Donovinh interviewing a young girl named Monia, after the interview she then went on to explain how the Gaian public could help the orphans. Gaians could pick up an orphan, and it would follow their new temporary caregiver around, telling them about themselves and occasionally requesting that their caregiver fulfill their needs of hunger, boredom or sickness. The caregiver could buy odd but necessary items from The Ole Fishing Hole. As the caregiver would help the orphan, he or she would eventually become presentable enough to deliver to the Adoption Agency.

February 2008Edit

When Gaians left feedback about missing their orphans companionship after the event ended, the Certificate of Adoption was released in La Victoire, with which a randomly chosen orphan could be adopted, featuring orphans from the event as well as new arrivals not present during the event.

The Wing Scouts 2010Edit

The Wing Scouts is a youth organization for Gaia children, it was introduced to Gaians on September 13, 2010, the notable children within the group were previously three Gaia Orphans from the Christmas 2k7 Event. They run a shop called The Treehouse, the shop is for event items and operates by having users exchange their collection of wing stickers for the items.

It is unknown if the other previous orphans are a part of this scout troop.


  • Angela
  • Barph
  • Bear
  • Damp Dan
  • Dogbrain
  • Eustace & Ethal
  • Gwendy
  • Jackie
  • Misasma
  • Sunako
  • Swimp
  • Tiny Tom
  • Woody


With the Certificate of Adoption, it allowed Gaians to have a child as a companion.

Additional infoEdit


  • Before the orphans, it was Rina and Peyo who were the only child characters present.
  • Angela is one of the only item companions on Gaia to have a missing limb.
  • Eustace, Ethel, and Scuppers were seen in an Alternative Universe with a character named Father Nic. (See) Dark Reflections; Father Nic
  • Jay owns the popular Coco and KiKi Kitty Plushie.
  • Misasma stands next to the little bear called Pora Ice, which was seen in the Christmas 2k6 event.
  • Sunako is likely a parody of Sadako from the horror movie "Ringu", due to the name and hidden eyes.
  • Swimp shares the name Swimp with another character on Gaia, a monk named Brother Swimp.
  • Tiny Tom could possibly be a parody of Tiny Tim from the novel "A Christmas Carol".

Related itemsEdit

Event Items

Christmas 2007

  • Ragged Ugly Scarf
  • Ugly Orphan Sweater
  • Orphan's Elephant Doll
  • Heart of Gold
Premium Items

La Victoire

  • Certificate of Adoption


  • December 20, 2007 - Christmas 2k7
Chance Item
  • February 28, 2008 - Certificate of Adoption
  • September 13, 2010 - Wing Scouts

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