Feature quotesEdit

[NPC] Old Pete

2010 Dumpster Dive
  • Step right up! Try yer luck in the ol' dumpster o' fate. Maybe you'll find a half-eaten shoe or a fancy sandwich.
  • You know how to get trash outta the dumpster, right? Y'just thrust in yer fist and woggle it around.
  • This dumpster has made rich men poor and poor men rich.
  • Watch out fer hypodermic needles in there... if you find one, give 'er to me so's I can pick this dog hair outta my teeth.
  • If'n you find anything that looks like it useda be food, lemme have it.
  • There's some things a man should never eat. An entire pillowcase fulla thrown-out eggs and sausage bein' chief among 'em.
  • Can't remember what's in this bag... y'want some?
  • Y'got any antifreeze? I'll trade you for this glass eye I found inside ... uh, a guy's head.
  • Before bein' a hobo I was a tramp, and before that I was a bum. Just havin' a drink to celebrate my promotion.
  • If you see New New Pete, tell him to stop tryna poison my beard.
  • Got this dent in my head durin' a game of chess. With a horse. They get real arrogant when they win.
  • I seen a bee kill a horse twice. Same horse.
  • Watskebuuuuuurrrrt...
Alternative Dumpster Dive quotes for non-registered/not logged in users.
  • Welcome to my shop... Register to enter.
  • Have ya thought 'bout registerin?
  • Gaia's a cool place ta loiter about.
  • I can get all kinds of free *hiccup* stuff right from this magic box.
  • There's over 10,000 items waitin ta be dis... disc... *hiccup* ...discovered!
  • Go ahead, 'n take a look.
  • I once saw a giant head in the sky...
  • was groovy.
  • Have ya' seen a grey cat around?
  • It's like I can hear it's thoughts.

EI Report quotesEdit

  • Found a samwich on the bus.
  • Harf! Yeah. Watskeburt.
  • My shoes got arrested.
  • Found a rock today what looked real pretty. Gonna make that rock my wife.

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