This is a list of quotes by Old Man Logan.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Old Man Logan

  • Heya, bub. Welcome to me fishin store. If ya wants ta go fishin, I recommend ya git a rod and some bait!
  • No no, my hair is naturally this cool.
  • Yes, my rod is THAT big. I put a lot of money into upgrading it. You should upgrade yer rod too. It will make yer life much easier.
  • The more ya fish, The less fish there are. So I'd suggest giving mother nature some time ta recuperate or git some fancy bait ta lure out the remaining fish.
  • Pay attention ta the time of day. Different fish come out at different times of the day while others are sleeping with the ummm... fishes... or something.
  • Pay attention to each fish if you want to be the best.
  • If you catch fish in bulk, bring em ta me. Perhaps we can trade for some cool stuff I have in the back.
  • Some folks say that there are some ancient fish in these lakes around Gaia. Truly rare I'd say.
  • A true fisherman knows when to pull and when to release.
  • For ya beginners, I'd suggest a Basic Rod. They're cheap and gits the job done.
  • Exchange for junk?! Haha... ya better have a HEAP LOAD a junk if ye want me ta give ya somethin' in exchange fer that worthless garbage!

Exchange FishEdit

  • Hey, bub. If ya wants ta exchange yer fish for some nifty things, yer gonna hafta bring me more than that.Yer'll usually need 10 of the same type of fish.

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