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Oink! (formerly Virtual Piggy) is a free online service that makes spending and saving easy for teens. It was announced on February 25, 2013, and is a team-up with Gaia Online to make obtaining Gaia Cash much easier for younger members. Those who sign up for the service and use it are granted free 'rare items' as bonus.


  • Listing Virtual Piggy T-Shirt - Youth Empowered. Parent Approved. /
  • Listing Pristine Cuffs - These cuffs are ironed to a smooth finish. All angles most conform to a strict 45 degrees.
  • Listing Virtual Piggy Cap - Youth Empowered. Parent Approved. /
  • Listing Banded Cap - A simple, peaked hat with a bold stripe
  • Listing Smokey Corset - A simple, elegant corset adorned with a silken, lavender bow.
  • Listing Pristine Collar - A fine stiff collar accented with a silken ascot.
  • Listing Feathered Clips - Exotic colored feathers are weaved into a fashionable hair clip.
  • Listing H2k13 Virtual Piggy Potion - Virtual Piggy exclusive potion.
  • Listing H2k13 Virtual Piggy Luck Bundle - Contains 5 H2k13 Virtual Piggy Luck Charms!
  • Listing H2k13 Virtual Piggy Luck Charm - Virtual Piggy exclusive luck charm.
  • Listing Virtual Piggy Pumpkin - No description.
  • Listing Virtual Piggy Scarf - Keeps your neck super warm and cozy during autumn.
  • Listing Oink Bundle - This bundle contains 2x Formula 1: Oink Beanie Hat and an Oink Key! Happy Holidays from Oink.
  • Listing Oink Hot Chocolate - [Description N/A]
  • Listing Oink Key - [Description N/A]
  • Listing Oink Cookie - [Description N/A]
  • Listing Oink Beanie Hat - A hat with wood buttons to keep your head warm

(To make the Oink Beanie Hat you will need the level 1 Formula(s))

  • Listing Oink Wings - The day has finally come! The day...PIGS FLY.
  • Listing Oink Pet Box - Open to receive an Oink Spotted Piggy, Oink Chirping Robin, Oink Golden Retriever and a Oink Rowdy Raccoon.



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  • Profile Virtual Piggy - Official Gaia Partner -


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