New Movie Monday was the name given to the day in which Gaia Cinemas was updated with new films, television shows and other media. It began December 3, 2007 along with the release of the New Gaia Cinemas, and was first announced by Cindy Donovinh but the task was later given to Ron Bruise.


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  • Better movies. Not that the material we showed before wasn't classic, but you may be slightly more interested in watching stuff like The Matrix and Gattaca.
  • Bigger screens. No more watching movies in a tiny, stamp-sized box! The new Cinemas allow you to watch films on a large and luxurious screen.
  • Private shows. Avoid the rabble by creating your own private showings. Set up a time, send out invites and watch movies with your clique.
  • A new lobby. Hang out with other Gaians in our Cinema Lobby, plan viewings with your friends and recommend movies to total strangers. You'll never have to watch alone. Search for your friends right from the lobby, or find the most popular theaters.


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This event ceased when Gaia Cinemas was removed indefinitely.

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