Nervegas Crisis (abbreviated as NC) is a female punk band led by Moira and consist of band mates: Ines, the guitarist, and an imp named Mona, who is the drummer.



When she is not playing a gig, Moira operates (and is owner of) a shop in Durem called Durem Depot that specializes in alternative clothing. Besides being in a band, Ines is also an actress who stars in the TV series "All My Gaians", while Mona attends a school called Ster Academy.

The band logo is a skull with pigtails and pink ribbons. The girls don't appear to wear attire that would match the logo.


As they are a band they play instruments and sing. Anything else is individual talents.


Moira had always mentioned that she had a band during her early years on Gaia, however, her so called band was never seen and no name was given. In 2009 of April the event, Save Our Shops, results in Moira talking about her band, only this time the name was revealed but no members. The group was seen fully with the release of the Chance Item, FAMESTAR 2000, which had the SDPlus (#57 Nervegas Crisis Dolls), it allows Gaians to equip a Deemonic Headband and a Nervegas Tattoo.

On June 22, 2010, Nervegas Crisis made another appearance, trying to save the world from alien invaders called the Vylons, this was during the release of the Famestar Hero.

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Besides going up against the Vylons, it is speculation if other bands are considered rivals.

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Related itemsEdit

Chance Item
  • You Lost! - Nervegas Crisis → FAMESTAR 2000 Ticket (Round 3) : Nervegas Crisis
  • 057 Nervegas Crisis Dolls → FAMESTAR 2000
  • Famestar Hero Victory: Nervegas Crisis


Chance ItemEdit

  • February 24, 2009 - FAMESTAR 2000
  • June 22, 2010 - Famestar Hero


Famestar2000 Stage3
Nervegas Crisis presented in FAMESTAR 2000
Famestar hero 01B
Nervegas Crisis (close up) presented in Famestar Hero
Avatar Nervegas Crisis
Nervegas Crisis presented as Avatars

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