Murasaki is Gaia NPC Shopkeeper introduced April 19, 2012, she owns a anime-inspired clothing and gear shop called Mecha Neko.



Murasaki (紫) is the Japanese word for the color purple.


Judging by her quotes she is an introvert who has a tendency to be shy one moment and stubborn and blunt the next. She states that she uses "Murasaki" as an alias because her true name is boring.


Murasaki has dark blue hair done up in twin tails that spiral at the ends, they are held by purple ribbons and her bangs are parted. She has heterochromia, a light blue right eye and the left one is pink to show her aggravation. A purple patch with a white "X" covers her right eye and when she is agitated the eye patch then switches to the left eye. Her forehead and neck are bandaged, and she wears Puli earrings. Her apparel is a Gothic Lolita dress, colored black and purple with white ruffles.

In 2006 she was wearing a maid headdress and a Gothic Lolita dress, which was more purple than black; a gauze over her right eye and a bandage around her forehead. Her hair color is dark along with her eyes.


Murasaki's history started with the release of Gaia Profiles, there is an option to choose her as a header for the premade layout, the file name simply titled her as a GothLoli. She appeared later in 2011, occupying the Monster Galaxy universe as a girl named Serene. As Serene a player is suppose to rescue her kitty.

On April 19, 2012 she returned as a shopkeeper, her design was changed. On April 19, 2013 her avatar debuted with the announcement of the Black Butler sponsorship Chance Item. And similar to her mood changes in the shop the avatar has the ability to do the same.

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Rumors that began in Gaia Community Discussion forum state that Murasaki is physically a male, cross dresser, or 'trap' character. This is largely based on character's lack of visible bust and supposed 'masculine' face. These are confirmed as false given the character's origin and answer by a Gaia staff member.[2][3] Another is that she is based on the manga/anime characters Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji by appearance and Akito from Air Gear due to the visible changes in personality by the eye patches position, this rumor is currently not confirmed to be true or false because it is speculation and was never asked using the "Ask the Admin" threads.

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