[NPC] Murasaki is a Gaia NPC that has ties to a sponsorships. She is a denizen of Aekea and the shopkeeper of Mecha Neko.[1]




Murasaki is a female human with dark blue hair in twintails, a blue & red eye, and light skin. In 2006 she was wore a purple and black maid uniform; a gauze was over her right eye and a bandage was around her forehead. Both her hair and eyes were dark blue.

With the arrival of Mecha Neko in 2012, she wears a style called Gothic Lolita and her attire consist of black and purple with white lace. She accessories with purple hair ribbons, white bandages, a purple eye-patch, and earrings.

When she's passive she cradles a plushie called Puli and when she is aggressive she holds a wooden stick.


Rumors began in Gaia Community Discussion forum that Murasaki is physically male, a cross-dresser, or 'trap' character. This is largely based on character's lack of visible bust and supposed 'masculine' face. These were confirmed as false given the character's origin and answered by Gaia staff.[2][3]

There was speculation that she is based on the manga/anime characters Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji, by appearance, and Akito from Air Gear; this due to the visible changes in personality by the eye patches position. There has been no confirmation to these speculations as they were never asked using the "Ask the Admin" threads.


She is an introvert who has a tendency to be shy one moment and stubborn and blunt the next. She states that "Murasaki" is an alias because her true name is boring.


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Early usageEdit

Murasaki's history started with the release of Gaia Profiles, she is featured in a premade layout simply "GothLoli". She appeared later in 2011, occupying the Monster Galaxy universe as a girl named Serene who ask the player to rescue her kitty.

Mecha NekoEdit

On April 19, 2012 she returned as a shopkeeper and her design was changed. On April 19, 2013 her avatar debuted with the announcement of the Black Butler sponsorship Chance Item. And similar to her mood changes in the shop the avatar has the ability to do the same.


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Additional infoEdit


  • Murasaki (紫) is the Japanese word for the color purple.



H-Hi, Username...
Welcome to Mecha Neko...
Um, we're still sorta new. Did you have any trouble finding us?
I-I like your name, Username. Is it from an anime?
Murasaki is my alias. My real name is... boring...
D-don't look at Puli like that! @A@


Hey, Username. C'mere a second.
What do you mean I seem "nicer" sometimes?
Hey, you! You touch it, you buy it!
I have very little patience for loiterers.
Purple is SO my color. >:3
Where'd you buy that getup? Not from here, certainly.


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