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These were posted in the Gaia 9 Action Newsletter, January 2011.

With the new year, Gaia's shopkeepers have made some resolutions for a happier 2011. Almost no one actually keeps their New Year's resolutions, but it's still fun to see people try!

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  • Agatha: Go skydiving.
  • Bildeau: Satisfy functional requirements.
  • Brennivin: Style ist der revolution alffyrzeit!
  • Carl: (Carl appears satisfied with his life but not with yours).
  • Devin: Finally do his stand-up routine at open mic night.
  • Edmund: Walk or ride a bike instead of using so many zeppelins to get around.
  • Ian: Work on back flips.
  • Josie: Learn to do tarot readings.
  • Leon: Empty the trash when the can is full.
  • Liam: Check out this zumba thing chicks keep talking about.
  • Louie: Stop swearing every %*#$ time something goes wrong.
  • Mirai: Spend more time on herself, less time at work.
  • Moira: Eat more sushi.
  • Natasha: Learn how to do tattoo portraits of handsome dogs.
  • Old Man Logan: Catch more fish.
  • Peyo: Learn a magic trick!
  • Ribateau: Scheme.
  • Rina: Learn to make a really good flan. Or maybe stop eating so many poisonous flowers...
  • Ruby: Stop eating so much butterscotch.
  • Rufus: Stay fly.
  • Sam: Trick out a horse and buggy.
  • Sasha: Read the back of the cereal box every morning-- the whole thing.
  • The Wing Scouts: Find some old ladies to help cross the road.