Gaia Online has interactive flash environments that complete the setting with music. This page will list the music that can be heard on Gaia when users are in playing games or just hanging around flash environments.

Gaia Online EventsEdit

  • Halloween Music

Played in Area: Gaia Towns and Houses, during (Halloween 2k8 and Halloween 2k9).

  • "Ukrainian Bell Carol (Carol of the Bells)"

From: The Carol of The Bells
Orchestrated by: Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych
Played in Area: Event page, during (Christmas 2k8).

Summer Music

Played in Area: Secret Beach during (Summer 2k9).

  • Lifting Power
  • Skull and Bones
  • Rich and Powerful
  • Digital Science
Valentine Music


  • Neural Trauma
  • One Wheel
  • Raid The Lighthouse
  • Smooth Burn


  • The Conch Song
  • Seashell Shock
  • O' Lighthouse
  • Ballad of the Overseer
  • Coral Love
  • Reef Riff (the original version is played in Gaia Towns)
  • Kelp!

Rally & GarageEdit

  • Race Song
  • My Ride Is Like A Club

Sponsorship WorldsEdit

The title of the songs are unknown, often sponsorship worlds will have music. This category will list the environments that had music.

  • MTV Virtual Hollywood
  • Skittles
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Madagascar 2

zOMG! Additional Tracks Edit

zOMG! Also features tracks by other composers. Though the songs were not featured on the album, they are listed according to area. It should be noted that many songs are untitled (mistitled) or used in other environments.

  • Buccaneer Boardwalk
  • Old Aqueduct
  • Gold Beach
  • Otami Ruins

  • "Serenade for the Doll"

From: Children's Corner
Composed by: Claude Debussy
Orchestrated by: Andre Caplet
Played in Area: Barton Town

  • "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum"

From: Children's Corner
Composed by: Claude Debussy
Orchestrated by: Andre Caplet
Played in Area: Barton Town

  • "Les Entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête (Conversations of Beauty and the Beast)"

From: Ma Mère l'Oye (Mother Goose Suite)
Composed by: Maurice Ravel
Orchestrated by: Maurice Ravel
Played in Area: Village Greens

  • "XII Fossiles (Fossils)"

From: Le Carnaval des Animaux
Composed by: Camille Saint-Saëns
Played in Area: Village Greens

  • "V. Hoe-Down"

From: Rodeo
Composed by: Aaron Copland
Played in Area: Bill's Ranch

  • "VII. Neptune the Mystic"

From: The Planets, Op. 32
Composed by: Gustav Holst
Played in Area: Deadman's Pass

  • "II. Nihavend"

From: Suite Persane
Composed by: Andre Caplet
Played in Area: Zen Gardens

  • "Symphony in B flat major"

Composed by: Ernest Chausson'
Played in Area: Saw Mill in Bass'ken Lake

  • "Under Mountain's Deathmine"

Played in Area: Deathmines (during Halloween 2k9).


reprinted with permission from zOMG! Wiki.

Gaia zOMG Original SoundtrackEdit

Gaia zOMG Original Sountrack
Zomg gaia front Zomg gaia back
Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule
Released June 25, 2009[1]
Genre Game soundtrack
Length  ??:??
Price $3.99
Label DirectSong

Gaia zOMG Original Soundtrack is the official game soundtrack for zOMG!, composed by Jeremy Soule. [2] At it's initial release at June 25 2009, buying the OST would also grant purchasers with an item for their avatar; the zOMSountrack Earphones.[3]

Track listing Edit

  1. Off to a Great Start
  2. A Time to Train
  3. Sewer Frollick
  4. Welcome to Barton Town
  5. Concerning the Citizens
  6. The Village Greens
  7. A Time to Fight !!
  8. Bill's Ranch
  9. Cows and Chickens
  10. Dead Man's Pass
  11. Zen Garden
  12. Bass'ken Lake
  13. The Old Aqueduct
  14. Bugs from Another World
  15. Surf's Up! ~ Gold Beach
  16. Bonfire Nights
  17. Return to the Village Greens
  18. Exploring the Otami Ruins
  19. The Great Stone Giant
  20. Mysteries of the Shallow Sea
  21. Narrowing Cliffs
  22. Lurkers in the Dark
  23. The Lair of Labtech X
  24. Leviathan's Wrath
  25. A Time to Rest
  26. Buccaneer Boardwalk
  27. zOMG! The Main Theme

The zOMG! Original Soundtrack features all the music from the game and comes with an exclusive virtual item for use on Gaia Online.
What is zOMG!? It's a free-to-play MMO from Gaia Online featuring tons of players, a huge world to explore, hoards of monsters to fight, and lots of loot to collect.
For the soundtrack, Soule has taken an approach that harkens back to his days at Squresoft. Does anyone remember "Secret of Evermore"?
This soundtrack is our first zOMG! release and we anticipate even more in the very new future. DirectSong offers a hi-fi version of what you hear in the game, complete with an exclusive pair of zOMG! headphones for your Gaia avatar.

Notes Edit

  • The zOMG OST does not contain all the music from the game, but only 27 of the original pieces.
  • The cover art was created by Jen Zee. [4]

See Also & External LinksEdit

References Edit

  1. Gaia Thread: zOMG!fest starts TODAY! Live chat with Jeremy Soule & more. [NPC] Leon (Jun 24, 2009)
  2. Official Website: Jeremy Soule
  3. Gaia Online: zOMG!fest
  4. Gaia Thread: Soundtrack?. Qixter (Jun 29, 2009)

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