Gaia Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Murasaki

2012 Mecha Necko
Personality nice
  • Welcome to Mecha Neko...
  • H-Hi, (Username)...
  • D-don't look at Puli like that! @A@
  • I-I like your name, (Username). Is it from an anime?
  • Murasaki is my alias. My real name is... boring...
  • Um, we're still sorta new. Did you have any trouble finding us?
Personality mean
  • Purple is SO my color. >:3
  • Hey, (Username). C'mere a second.
  • Hey, you! You touch it, you buy it!
  • What do you mean I seem "nicer" sometimes?
  • I have very little patience for loiterers.
  • Where'd you buy that getup? Not from here, certainly.

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