Related items - [NPC] Monia

Gaia Shop

The Treehouse

  • Wing Scout Sneakers
  • Wing Scout Sticker Sash

The Ole Fishing Hole - game items

Christmas 2k7


  • Boruff's Ratmeal
  • Bucket O' Fish Heads
  • Glomco Industrial Hardtack
  • Powdered Gruel Mix


  • Dr. Blotto's Warmup Cure
  • Dr. Fantod's Sleepytime Elixir
  • Dr. Thorpe's Bone Tonic
  • Lung Brush


  • Burlap Sack
  • Carpet Swatch
  • Cup-N-Ball
  • Hoop-N-Stick
Premium items

La Victoire (Chance Item)

  • Certificate Of Adoption
    • Mothbite
Event items

Christmas 2k7

  • Ragged Ugly Scarf
  • Ugly Orphan Sweater
  • Orphan's Elephant Doll
  • Heart of Gold

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