This is a list of quotes by Moira

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Moira

2011 Johnny Gambino's death
  • Did you hear about Edmund's shop? Crazy times, man.
  • While you're in town, you should stop by Edmund's shop. His stuff is a little out of my league, but it's fun to window shop.
2009 after "Save Our Shops"
  • If you wanna show off your wild side, Durem Depot has what you need.
  • See anything you like?
  • You should check out my band, Nervegas Crisis. We've got a gig tonight at the Cramp Room.
  • Nice look! Of course, you'd look nicer with my help...
  • Chains and spikes make everything better.
  • Durem's a great city. Beats the stench of Aekea any day.
  • My advice? Stay away from Liam. That guy is nothing but trouble.
  • Natasha and Devin can hook you up with ink and piercings, but I've got everything to match.
  • Mirai is nice, but that guy she always hangs around with always smells like fish.
  • Vanessa is such a gossip. Don't believe everything she says.
  • Ian is just the nicest guy. Kind of a dork though.
  • Have you met Sam? She seems like just the coolest girl ever, but I'm hardly ever in Aekea.
  • I was over at Ruby's shop the other day. Peyo is growing up so fast!
  • Looking for something different? You're at the right place!
  • I have more than one tattoo.. not that it's any of your business.
  • I hope Sasha gets with that super mask dude!
  • Oh man, I went to this WICKED party last night...
  • I'm no angel, but you ain't no devil, neither.
  • I have my own rock band, you should come see us.
  • Wanna see my new tattoo?
  • Don't mind that old fart Edmund, he's as unreasonable as his prices are. Hee hee.

Exchange Bugs quotesEdit

  • Hey, it looks like you don't have enough bugs to make any ink. You'll usually need 50 of the same type of bug to make a vial of ink, but sometimes a single rare bug is enough to produce a vial of ink. If you want to catch some bugs, try going to Gaia Towns.

Notable quotesEdit

  • Hotter than a KiKi Kitty for 4k!
  • Oh Gino don't be such a drama llama!

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