This is a list of quotes by Mirai.

Shop quotesEdit

[NPC] Mirai

  • Welcome to Phin Phang! We've got everything you need for your aquarium. Please take a look around and let me know if you need any help.
  • Have you ever tasted fish food? It's not that bad, actually.
  • Stop by often! I'm getting new stuff all the time.
  • Vanessa didn't show up for my shop's grand opening... I think she's a little jealous of my hair skills.
  • You should decorate your aquarium so that your fish have something to look at. Swimming around an empty tank is even less exciting than looking at one.
  • My dad thinks I should eat more fish, but I prefer to take care of them.
  • What's with that Timmy kid? He creeps me out.
  • I wish Rufus would stop going through my garbage.
  • Have you met my mom and dad? How the two of them stopped bickering long enough to produce me is a total mystery...
  • Has anyone seen my big goldfish? I hope my dad didn't eat it.
  • I hope to be as wise as the overseer someday...

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