The Mini Comic was introduced around the fourth week of September 2006. They were previously known as Weekly Comics, but staff were unable to keep up with this schedule. The style of the comics are usually done within 4-panels, following a story pattern similar to Yonkoma style, there are also ones that go beyond 4-panels into long comics, and singular comic pages.

Many of the comics feature Gaia NPC's or relate to Events and Items. At times they expand upon manga storylines, but in a humorous way.



The first mini-comic was "O RLY (Hat Trick)" which features two girls who dislike one another due to their different taste in forums; the General Discussions and Gaia Community Discussions, as both try to walk pass one another their O RLY hats intertwine their wings and pull them together, forcing them to confront one another. The girls realize they have the same hat and start a conversation.

Among Gaians, the General Discussions forum and Gaia Community Discussions forum are seen as rivals due to their difference in discussion and user behavior. The hat featured in the "O RLY (Hat Trick)" comic is the Monthly Collectible, ORLY? Hat, an owl-like creature based upon a meme.


The original landing page had the comics featured to the left side and the archive to the right side, a reader could access previous comics by clicking a page number. The archive also featured the date the comic was published. When updated in 2013 the manga and comic became merged and the archive is now to the right while the illustrations are to the left. The comics are sorted in relation to one another and also by manga, while others are considered miscellaneous.


Main article: List of mini comics In 2009 there were 29 comics, one of the years to have the most releases.


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