The Quikkitch if a Mini Event that began February 17, 2012 and ended on the same day.


A Quote Transmitted Disease event that involved Gaians attempting to 'out quote' each others House Towns.


The idea for the event sprung up from a conversation on February 15th in an Ask the Admin thread. A Gaian questioned why a black and yellow wizard item has not been created and released from a Chance Item.[1] A Gaia Staff replied that he would have to ask the art team.[2] When another staff member acknowledged the question this lead to more staff doing the same, to eventually the creation of the event.[3]

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

  • Feb 17
Announcement of event by Site (dev) Notice
Gaians create threads to quote one another into House Towns[4]


Developer: Narumi Misuhara: AnnouncementEdit

  • Feb 17 Quikkitch [1]

May the best house town win!

Read how this began.

(This mini-event will run today only)

Ask the Admin: ThreadEdit

Original content of the question and replies that lead to the events creation. Notice

Gaian no.1

Hello staffers!

my questions are:

1. Will all facebook games come to gaia at one point?

2.You think houses one day can have where we can have more than one room?

3. can the item wizard school have a re color of black and yellow?

Gaia Staff: biglanky14 (re:Gaian no.1)


Good to see you! Let me take a crack at your questions in order:

1) Probably not all of them, although some will (we're hoping to have a non-Facebook version of MoGa on the site fairly soon, for example). Our Social Games team works with a number of partners in developing the games, and depending on our contract, we can only release games through certain channels (e.g. Facebook). We'll bring over those we can.

2) It's possible. We've kicked around a bunch of ideas for Housing, and that's one of them, although it's by no means a sure thing at all. If it did happen, it wouldn't be for awhile though because of all the other stuff we're already working on.

3) I dunno - I'll have to ask the art team

Gaian no.2 (re:biglanky)

Um... why hasn't this already been done? We had the other three Harry Potter houses come out in sequential RIGs.

I would really like Opera Phantomess's questions answered.

Developer: Narumi Misuhara (re:Gaian no.2)

..I know!!! Where's the Hufflepuff love's 'cause it's the best house and everyone knows it!

Gaia Staff: biglanky14 (re:Narumi Misuhara)

Uh what? This is the nonsense that comes up when Narumi drinks at work.

"Wit beyond measure is a man's greatest treasure." Ravenclaw FTW

Developer:Panagrammic (re:biglanky)

Biglanky and Narumi, you accidentally mistyped other lesser houses when you meant to type "Gryffindor." You may want to go back and edit.

Admin Lead: siskataya (re:biglanky)

Pffffft. You know, I have taken those "What Harry Potter House do you belong in?!" quizzes and every single time, the sorting hat puts me in Slytherin. ee

Developer:Panagrammic (re:siskatya)

What!? We must battle it out with a Quidditch contest.

Well, first we'll have to write the Quidditch feature, and then we'll battle it out.

Well, first we'll write it, and then we'll get sued by Rowling.

Once we settle, we'll battle it out with a Quikkitch contest.

The battle lines have been drawn!


To be placed into a specific house town, a House Town Gaian had to quote a Gaian who had no house, once quoted a title would be placed below the avatar. Once in a house any other houses could steal that person away and they would have a new title.

House TownEdit

A House Town is reference to the main four towns of Gaia and of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Event ConclusionEdit



  • This QTD event was similar the first QTD, which meant quoting or being quoted would apply an image overlay on the avatar.
  • Quikkitch is a spoof title of Quidditch.
  • The following items were based on the Hogwarts Houses from the popular book series Harry Potter, they are done in parody and were released in 2011. A recolor of yellow and black has yet to be released.


See alsoEdit


  1. Gaia Thread: Ask the admin - wizard school re color of black and yellow
  2. Gaia Thread: Ask the admin - Re: Yellow and Black
  3. Gaia Thread: Ask the admin - Where's the Hufflepuff love
  4. Gaia Thread: THE SORTING THREAD

External linksEdit

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