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The Gaia's First President event began on the November 5, 2012 and ended on November 7th.


Diedrich decides to nominate itself as Gaia Online's first President.


In response to the real life presidential elections of the United States, Gaia Online created a similar event involving the use of Diedrich, how had not been seen in over several months from the last event. This was meant to be a small fun even before Christmas.[1]

Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

  • Nov 5
Announcement by Diedrich
  • Nov 6
Announcement by Friedrich, and debut
Gaia Presidential Debate begins
  • Nov 7
Event ends, Diedrich declared winner
Mini Comic update: Running Mate


[NPC] Diedrich: AnnouncementEdit

  • Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:59 pm Hello. Did you know that I am going to be the president? [1]

Hi! Hello! Did you know that everyone has been talking about president things? This is true, I have heard it. I am becoming quite annoyed about it, just as everyone has become quite annoyed about me.

But it has given me an incredibly important idea. Maybe the MOST important idea. I will now be running for president, because as far as I know there is no president of Gaia. I will be running unopposed, but I look forward to getting your vote tomorrow.

Here is my official policy platform:

  • Health: I am for it. Everyone should do a health.
  • Taxes: We will take some money from people (not too much).
  • National Security: I can lift over forty times my own body weight.
  • Social Issues: Everyone gets to kiss whoever they want, as long as it's OK.
  • Dogs: Big ones yes, little yapper dogs... we'll see.

Thank you, Gaia. Thank you for me being your president tomorrow. Thank you for this. Really, bye, thank you. Thank you so much. Goodbye. Goodbye now. I will see you later. Thank you. Bye bye. See you later. OK, bye. Thank you. Goodbye and thank you.

Thank you,

- Diedrich, About To Be President of Gaia - Bye again

[NPC] Friedrich: AnnouncementEdit

Avatar Friedrich
  • Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:01 pm Hi. I too am going to be president, and not him. [2]

Hello. Hi and hello. Hi there. It has come to my attention that Diedrich is running unopposed for president of Gaia. Diedrich is a good man, a family man, and I wish him well in all things.

Except that I also want to be president, and he can basically go to hell.

I realize that I am a newcomer in the political arena, but I look forward to earning your vote in a healthy and vigorous debate. While I look and sound almost exactly like Diedrich, that is just a coincidence. I am probably a clone of him, or something. But our policies would be very different.

In order to make an informed choice, and since we are essentially winging this whole deal by the seat of our pants, Gaia's president will be determined by a single debate.

Mr. Diedrich and I will be arguing at each other all day, and you can tune in whenever and let us know which policies you like best on each issue. Whoever's button gets dingled the most will be the president.

This system makes perfect sense to Diedrich and I, but I will admit that our brains are like walnuts and we are on the very lowest percentiles of smartness, even compared to things like jellyfish.

Please watch the debate now, and hit buttons to say which answers you like. Please only hit my button, because I am good. Thank you and goodbye forever.


Event ConclusionEdit

The votes were counted and Diedrich came out on top. In the mini comic he is shown to be thanking those who voted and made a short victory speech. While Friedrich sat alone in a laundry mat with a fuzzy fellow named Ultra Satan.

Event ItemsEdit

Gaians were able to vote during the debate and receive an item.

  • Binder full of Diedrichs - We bring you whole binders full of Diedrichs.

Criticism & Compliments:Edit

The mini event brought a mix reaction that appeared far more negative than positive. This is due to Diedrich being viewed as a nuisance and has been dubbed a Troll by Gaians.[2][3] Other Gaians got in on the joke and made proposal threads to rally votes for Diedrich and Friedrich, as well as other not nominated NPC.[4][5] Popular alternate suggestions for candidates were Waffles the Cat and Carl the Elk.[6][7][8]

Those who enjoyed the event liked the flash debate and the item involving Diedrich in a binder, a parody to the quote "Binders full of women."[9] Despite the negative postings being more frequent, Diedrich still manages to pull in those who are fans of his presence.

Dev AlertsEdit

  • Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:00 pm

Election Day!

A challenger for the office of Gaia President has appeared! Who will you vote for? Who will be the next, and first, Gaia President? Will it be Diedrich, who you all know and love, or will it be Friedrich, who is just like Diedrich but with hair? Vote now to make your voice heard and earn an exclusive item showing you voted. Act quickly, the polls will close exactly at 2pm PST tomorrow, November 7th. We'll have live coverage of the winner as soon as all the votes are tallied. Now go and do your Gaian civic duty and vote for your new President!


  • Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:28 pm

Voting Ends Today!

The polls are closing in an hour and a half at 2pm PST. If you haven't already, make sure your voice is heard by tuning in to the Diedrich v. Friedrich Gaia Presidential Debate and choosing who you think is the better candidate. As soon as the polls close, we'll begin tallying the votes to determine who will be your first President of Gaia. Vote now and tell all your friends to vote too!

  • Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 7:05 pm

Gaia 9 Action News Special Report

This just in! GAIA-9 can now project that Diedrich, noted media personality and radioactive idiot, has won a landslide victory in Gaia’s first presidential election. We can also project that, since Gaia does not have an office of the presidency, this result is meaningless and, quite frankly, a huge waste of everyone’s time, not least of all my own. We’ve been informed that the Friedrich camp has telephoned Diedrich to concede the race; GAIA-9 does not care about this development whatsoever, and we will be closely ignoring further developments.

Click here for a full transcript of the candidates' nonsensical debate, if you must.


  • TBA


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banner with Diedrich
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banner with Friedrich

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