The Frat Party 2012 ... May 18, 2012, it ended on May, 21, 2012





Event Beginning: First Day & Rest of the EventEdit

  • May 18
Announcement of Spring Mixer
Introduction of Surl E. Dean
Introduction of college students


[NPC] Surl E. Dean: AnnouncementEdit

File:Avatar SurlEDean.png

— right
  • May 18 Spring Mixer [1]

From the desk of Surl E. Dean, Dean of Students


I appreciate that responsible co-ed socializing is an important part of the collegiate experience, so I've decided to authorize a gathering for some of our prestigious academic organizations.

All university-sanctioned fraternities and sororities are cordially invited to our Spring Mixer, which will begin today and run through the weekend. I've heard mumblings that this will be some kind of "wild party" or "ragin' kegger," but this is absolutely NOT the case.

Be forewarned that I will not tolerate any of the following: drinking of unauthorized beverages; rude dancing; wearing of togas; saying "whooooo" really loudly; general tomfoolery; intoxicating party games; any other act that violates our academic code of conduct.

Have fun (within reason).

- Dean Dean

Visit Spring Mixer

Event ConclusionEdit


Event ItemsEdit

Event Items: "item set"Edit

Gaians were able to post for a toga and visit the kitchen for the cup.

File:Minievent2k12may18 items fratparty.png

  • Bedsheet Toga - ROBOT HOOOUUUUSE
  • Onesie Cup - You're my best friend!

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As no event on Gaia has ever gone on without glitches, Here is the "event" event Glitches.

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