Million page thread, also known as MPT, is a Gaia Forums activity by Gaians posting in a single thread.


These threads are created with the goal of reaching one million pages (or more). There are other variants such as 'ten million page threads' and 'billion page threads'. Many of these threads also function as hangouts where users who frequent the thread, a regulars, will typically form friendships with one another or, at the least, co-exist with one another in their common goal.

The earliest thread started started by a Gaian user was in 2004 and currently titled "MPT" LET'S GET THIS THREAD TO A MILLION PAGES! "ORIGINAL", it is located in the Chatterbox.

In April 2015, the users of the thread celebrated the achievement of reaching the 900,000th page. As of February 2018 the thread is now over 950,000 pages.


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