A Million Page Thread (or MPT) is a user-made thread created with the goal of reaching one million pages (or more). Million page threads can get excited after they have made it far enough but it usually takes a long time to reach one million pages. There are other variants as well, such as ten million page threads and billion page threads. Many of these threads also function as hangout threads, where users who frequent the thread (or "regulars") will typically form friendships with one another or, at the least, co-exist with one another in their common goal. Such friendships can go on as long as the thread is around, or even after it dies off as many million page threads do not succeed for very long.

A thread started by a Gaia user in early 2004, currently titled "MPT" LET'S GET THIS THREAD TO A MILLION PAGES! "ORIGINAL", located in the Chatterbox, is a notable example of an MPT. Recently, they celebrated the achievement of their 900,000th page. It was ushered in on 11th of April 2015. It is considered the most successful to date, and one of the most popular threads in the Chatterbox as of January 2010.

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  • Icon threadThread "MPT" LET'S GET THIS THREAD TO A MILLION PAGES! - lupig Sat Mar 27, 2004 10:11 pm
  • Icon threadThread 10,000,000 pages #2:We're really a hangout. Come and see. :3 - Spidargate Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:56 pm

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