Member ID (also called User ID) is a number that was assigned to an account upon its registration. These numbers go in an ascending order.

History & TriviaEdit

The lowest ID number that is active, belongs to the NPC admin which is number 2. The first lowest but not active ID number is 1. The only thing with this is that there is no username, and if one where to click the links "View Posts" "View Store" and "View Comments" in the profile, it would just lead to that persons own account. And "Add Comment" will direct Users back to their own comments, but by placing 1 at the end of the link, one is able to comment to number one's profile. When it comes to placing 1 at the end of a journal link, the journal will load to a Developers page.

Lanzer has the second lowest and active ID number, which is number 3, naturally - since he is the founder of Gaia Online.


Having a low ID is a clear indication that, that account was registered during Gaia's early years, such as 2003 or 2004. More often than not, these accounts are tracked down and their profiles commented on (if it isn't blocked) or the account gets multiple request for friendship. Though a large number of low ID's are Administrators, there are numbers of Average Gaians as well. Some Users believe that early accounts are the mules of the Admins.

Some Users look to these early numbers as special, and will leave excited or disappointed comments on the profile. The most obvious numbers are the ones that get (or got) the most notice.

There was a time when Users would literally create mule after mule account in an attempt to claim a certain ID number.

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