Member ID, also known as User ID, is a feature on Gaia Online.


A Member ID is a set of number that are assigned to an account upon its registration. These numbers go in an ascending order.

Member IDs explainedEdit

  • Member ID number " 1 " is considered the first registered account, however, it has no known username and has never been active. And while it links to an active Gaian user via letter " X ", it is not the primary holder of this number.
  • It is NPC:admin that has the lowest available ID. It is number "2" and has been active since its registration.
  • The second lowest ID belongs to Lanzer; the found of Gaia Online. It is number " 3 " and is, of course, still active.

Any low numbers after Lanzer's belong to the rest of the original founders and possibly their test accounts.

Consequences explainedEdit

There was a time when users would create multiple mule accounts in an attempt to claim a certain ID number. This means the large number of registered accounts are simply throw-aways and had contributed nothing to the site.

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